Soup,Stews and Casseroles

You can flask it, you can slurp it,
You can have it cold or hot
It can hit the spot, it can stop the rot
And stop you losing the plot
You can blitz it, you can blend it
You can have it with chunky lumps
You can spoon it, you can drink it
And it will get you over any slump!

So what am I talking about? – Soup

We often underestimate how valuable soup could be to your weight loss journey, in fact it can lengthen all of your meals while adding few calories, it can also be the base for stews and casseroles. A tomato based chunky vegetable soup is a great base for lots of stews and casseroles and also a good base for a lot of pasta meals, just add your chosen meat/pulses.

What is your favourite type of soup? There are as many varieties as there are brands, all of which can be created simply using a slow cooker, soup maker or even a large saucepan.

It’s really easy and cost effective to make your own, saving money and also getting the very best of the seasonal vegetables. If you prefer a chunky soup, thin consomme, or even a main course soup you can simply and easily make to your own preference, many filling and tasty soups are a combination of flavours, herbs and assorted ingredients, a Lentil soup is perfect for an Autumn/Winter warmer, so too is Parsnip & Apple and not forgetting Carrot and Orange, another good one is a Chinese style soup!

If its at work you’d like that extra low calorie course, or just a hot lunch instead of sandwiches, why not invest in a wide necked flask, brilliant for soups and also stews etc.

A brilliant tip for when you are making your own soup is to have 4/6 mugs lined with food bags, pour in the soup and place in the freezer, when frozen-label and tie off, remove from the mug, you’ve then got a perfect mug of soup that fits back into the mug and just microwave. Another benefit being soup in a mug doesn’t call for bread, soup in a bowl tends to.

Thinking about the many varieties of soup that are readily available in the supermarkets every one can be re-created at home for a fraction of the cost and calories – remember most ready made soups have high levels of both salt and sugar, two things you can easily reduce when making your own.

Think about what your favourite soup is and could you recreate it to make it more calorie friendly? Or check out Google for some recipes.

If you want a souper weightloss next week is it time for you to put in a souper effort in your kitchen?

jackie and sonya

4 thoughts on “Soup,Stews and Casseroles

  1. The soups in the pictures look delicious. I’ve never been a great fan of soup although I do make my own veg soup in winter sometimes as a lunch item, but I would never choose soup in a restaurant. This winter I’ll have to try making some new ones and see if I can find one that I really love.

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  2. I love tomato and Basil soup by WW but you can’t get it now so I put dried basil into tomato soup but it didn’t work so haven’t made any since .I do a lot of meals in the slow cooker, even did a whole chicken, it was really good and sliced very easily.

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