A Cracker for Christmas????

Who would love to be a cracker this Christmas??? I’m sure we all would love to feel at our very best, so our thoughts should be turning to how to achieve it!!

The most important weapon in achieving success has got to be getting our mind focused and ready. Many people sadly feel there’s no point in trying to lose weight on the run up to Christmas with everything that’s going on, parties, entertaining, visiting family and friends etc. However if we are serious about change, then it must be consistent else the results we get will be exactly as we’ve previously had -persistance not perfection. Lets’s look at where the pitfalls lie


  • Who are you really buying it for?
  • When are you doing your shopping?
  • Are you peckish?
  • Is it crucial?
  • Is it a bargain??????
  • What are you prepared to compromise on to have it?
  • Where are you going to keep it?
  • Are you buying it because you always do?
  • Just in case? Heaven forbid there might be a shortage!!!


The same principle as picnic’s in fact any type of eating out, it’s minimise through the day to pay for what you most want.

Christmas meal out

Regardless of where you’re going, look before you go, make choices you can live with, and again minimise before and after.

The Main Event!!

When you look at a traditional Christmas lunch, with all the trimmings so, Turkey, Stuffing, Pigs in Blankets, Bread Sauce, Cranberry Sauce, Roast potatoes, Mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, Brussel sprouts, parsnips, gravy with maybe a Yorkshire pudding??? Absolutely no reason why you can’t have it all, maybe just tweak the balance on your plate – more veg and a bit of the others so you have the same as everyone else on the same size plate too! Christmas Pudding, Yule Log, Mince Pies choose your favourite, savour and enjoy, it is Christmas and it’s one day!!!

The most important thing to keep in our minds is that virtually every event/celebration we enjoy is ANNUAL! Consider that we want to be a cracker for each and every one of them – that means refocus, refresh and continue to make those better choices.

When we do what works and keep working towards where we want to be it all creates that positive mindset that continues helping us to succeed. Let’s face it if you don’t then you will be back on the diet treadmill ‘all or nothing‘ come January which didn’t work before and won’t now!

5 thoughts on “A Cracker for Christmas????

  1. Asda, 2 tubs of chocolates for £7, bargain I thought, & one was almost in my basket, before the angel on my shoulder flicked the devil off the other shoulder and told me to put it back as I certainly do not need that sort of temptation. 😇

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  2. More good advice on coping with Christmas. I will be enjoying two dinners out in the run up and the usual Christmas dinner on Christmas Day. I think the key thing is to stay in control in-between times. I shouldn’t be overeating on Christmas Day as there are just the two of us but if I do have two helpings of Christmas pudding and a slice of pork pie, the important thing is to make up for in the days after – well, perhaps not Boxing Day but definitely after that!

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