The Best Present………

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As Christmas is fast approaching and we are asking our nearest and dearest exactly what they would like for Christmas….

Who asks you? If you had to choose a gift for yourself (money no object!) Is there something you would choose above anything else?

Often gifts are bought and exchanged with little thought, just a token in respect of the season. Considering what the best present could be made me think of 3 wishes – Mine are always Health, Happiness and Wealth – None of which money can buy, and no-one can give! It’s a gift you give yourself.

Let’s start with health – Are you enjoying ‘good health’? If not is there something you can do to improve it? Are you joints and bones aching? Do you suffer indigestion or heartburn? Feel bloated and uncomfortable? How many of these relate to unhealthy eating habits? Research tells us that they are all connected to what we eat, our lifestyle and how active we are. So in fact, all of the side-effects we are not enjoying can all be diminished by changing our diet and lifestyle, and only WE can do, sadly Santa cannot!

Happiness – what makes you happy? This has got to be an age old question and most often the reply I hear is – my children/grandchildren/partner/family/pet and friends, if they are happy then so are we. But surely we would all like to be around for a long time?? Without better health we are actually shortening our years! and also our quality of life!

Wealth – A saying worth keeping in mind is ‘ there’s no pockets in shrouds’ surely the greatest wealth is not counted in financial gain, but the joy of living well, surrounded by those we love, being happy and content with our life.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Present………

  1. I have been lucky enough to enjoy good health up to now so fingers crossed for the future. However, I must admit I did eat too much yesterday (Sunday) so got to make up for it now in time for Thursday!

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  2. You can have as much food excessive amount of chocolates and fancy gifts. But as we have all experienced over the last 18 months it’s being with family and friends and being healthy that must be at the top of our Xmas wish list. Also attending SLIM our 2nd family unit.

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  3. All these things have been magnified by the pandemic.

    Last Christmas we couldn’t be with our loved ones like we normally would have been.

    Many people have battled with their weight throughout the lockdowns and sadly many people have struggled financially.

    This Christmas hopefully things will be better! Being able to see loved ones 🤞🏼 will hopefully make things much better, which in turn will help our state of mind which can only help with our weight loss journey.
    Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas!
    Here’s hoping to a healthier,happier new year!! 🎅🏻🦌🌲

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