More than just a number…

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Imagine you walked in to your meeting and I said, “Sorry, the scales aren’t working! How was your week?”

What information could you use to determine how things went. You feel better? Your clothes are less tight? You can walk further? You’re happier? Your blood pressure has dropped and you need less tablets? You are more confident? You’re no longer in the type 2 diabetes risk range?

There will always be times when despite having had a great week the scales don’t reflect it, think instead about what has helped to stay focused.

1. The scales aren’t the only way to measure progress.​ You can tally the behavioural goals you’ve reached, new experiences you’ve tried, and new habits you’ve formed. Or you can measure changes in your energy, how your clothes fit, or how much farther you can run. 

2. Celebrating non-scale victories (NSVs) reminds us that the journey isn’t just about weight, but about forming healthy habits and improving how you feel and what you can do. 

3. When the number on the scales isn’t what you were hoping for, reflecting on NSVs can help you recognise progress and stay inspired to move forward

We often hear about NSVs. For example, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol that we’re down a size in clothes, used a food diary every day, checked portions etc.

But some NSVs are goals we work towards, like running a 5K. Others happen almost by surprise, like not feeling out of breath walking up stairs!

It’s very noticeable that while our weekly weigh-ins over time all blur together, our NSVs are often what we remember!

So instead of just taking our motivation from what the scales say it’s time to try the technique of focusing on non-scale victories.

Step 1- Consider writing down one or two of these NSVs, maybe in your diary?

Step 2 – Look at them often they may change the way you think about your journey.

Step 3 – Think about your feelings when you achieve these NSV’s.

Imagine if, instead of reflecting on your NSVs, I asked you to spend the last few minutes focusing only on the number that was on the scales today, without any consideration about what else had happened. What would be different? 

Can you see the benefit from taking our motivation from not just what the scales say?

Just for a moment stop and reflect on how much focusing on the numbers can and will impact your week. Not every week will you lose weight, some weeks you will lose inches, take time out to re-measure yourself. If you could wear what you want, look and feel amazing, be the very best version of you that is possible – Not one of us would care what our weight was in numbers!!

Roses are red, violets are blue

NSV’S make your dreams come true

Jackie and sonya

2 thoughts on “More than just a number…

  1. I think the way your clothes fit is really important. I can’t help relying on the numbers on the scales because they measure small changes. If I get to the point where my clothes don’t fit I’ll know I’m really in trouble!

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  2. I have a weight loss journal which I use everyday. I think every 4 weeks or so it comes to a page to measure your body. It’s amazing to look back and see before and after measurements which is a good NSV if the weight hasn’t come off. For the past 3-4 months I’ve also been doing the C25K on my treadmill and feel so much confident and better within myself which is my NSV 😊


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