Meet Your Mentors

Sonya Peaty

Hi my name is Sonya, my husband is the long suffering Robert and I have 2 children.

I’ve always had a weight problem, I was the “bonny” girl at school, after much moaning about my weight a friend back in 1987 encouraged me to join WeightWatchers and even though it took me just over 2 years I lost 51½ lbs

I decided I wanted to help and encourage others to feel the ecstasy of achieving a healthy weight so I became a Leader.

Over the years I’ve motivated and supported thousands of people to achieve their own success by encouraging them to change their old habits and helping them learn new healthier ones.

Success Lies In Mind is close to my heart and was created because I know that so many of us fail when we start a diet because we don’t take onboard the fact that its what’s going off in our heads that’s the problem and not the diet .

Jackie Leech

My name is Jackie , I’m married to Ian & have 2 children, 3 grandsons & our latest addition to our family is Blaze our dog.

My journey began following the birth of my 2 children, I was overweight, unhappy in fact totally miserable. I felt old & frumpy. I joined WeightWatchers & lost 31.5 lbs & felt amazing & wanted to share my success so I became a leader.

I’m proud to say I’ve helped thousands of people to achieve their dream of not only losing weight, but becoming healthier, happier & staying there through support, motivation, inspiration & a friendly smile. I truly believe learning skills that help us to change habits & thoughts are the key to long term success, and that’s why I’m passionate about ‘Success Lies In Mind’