New Horizons……

How many of us are guilty of sticking with what you already know, or think you know? I know I am in some ways. In the majority my formative years, I always lived in the South of England until aged 14 we moved to the Midlands. When it comes to choosing a holiday in England,Continue reading “New Horizons……”

Evening Meal

The Evening meal conjures up the image of a perfect the mealtime that the whole family comes together to chat and relax together whilst enjoying a tasty meal. Or maybe the evening meal is for 1 and the thought of creating a gourmet meal is amazing!! The reality may look very different!! Your family areContinue reading “Evening Meal”

Summer Sensation

Summer eating with all it’s glorious colours, flavours and textures all in season so at it’s peak of vitamins, minerals and goodness packed full as nature intended and ready for you to savour!! Sadly our British summer can seem very short so it’s so important to get all the goodness in when we can! SnackingContinue reading “Summer Sensation”

When I’m Ready……

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot michael altshuler This is something we mentors hear all the time, I’ll know when the time is right, unfortunately while waiting for ‘that perfect moment’ you are eating anything and everything you can, which means you are moving further away from whereContinue reading “When I’m Ready……”

Bargain Brits?????

Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess baggage, the shorter the trip. ARNOLD H. GLASOW Sun, Sea and ……….. It’s with much waited anticipation that we are finally able to travel to our favourite holiday destinations across the world, without too many restrictions, PCR’S, passenger locator forms and manyContinue reading “Bargain Brits?????”

Dear Diary…..

If you had to describe how you feel about recording what you eat in one word what would it be? Many of us know that writing down the food we record is one of the best predictors of success on the journey. The most important reason for keeping a food diary is that…….We always thinkContinue reading “Dear Diary…..”


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