Your Reason Why?

We all want to lose weight, maintain weight or get healthier.

But there tends to be a defining moment that makes you decide to act. And those reasons are personal to each and every one of us. But whatever the reason why it became so important is the biggest motivator there is to keep going.

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Remember if it mattered enough to begin your journey, it should matter enough to continue

Setbacks are part of the journey, they are normal we are human and we make mistakes learning how to accept them and not let them destroy our progress is one of the many skills our meetings at will help you to acquire. Even when you have a setback remembering why you started this journey can help you focus and get back on track.

Remember they are only setbacks if you let them defeat you and a more positive way of looking at them is as learning curves.

Where we learn for ourselves what does and what doesn’t work for us. Your reason you began this journey is what matters to you – what keeps you going – both on your journey and in life overall so never forget it!

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