Is your shopping trolley making you fat?

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Regardless of whether you are trying to lose weight or simply eat healthier food shopping plays a vital part in your success. The choices we make in a supermarket directly affect the food we eat at home. so its super important that we fill our shopping trolleys with the right foods to enable those healthier meals at home.

Some of the obstacles you are faced with in the supermarket that lead to making unplanned food choices are:-

  • Special Offers e.g. BOGOF’s
  • Real bargains – loss leaders to get you in so that once you are in you are hooked – how many times have you gone for a loaf of bread and spent over £25
  • Move the products to the aisle ends
  • Waft around tempting food aromas – that don’t originate in store
  • Move the products around willy-nilly so that you wander around the store trying to find what you usually buy

Supermarkets these days focus on getting you to stay in the store for as long as possible and buying as much as possible whilst you’re there. They use tactics such as signs with offers hard to resist, laying out key items across opposite ends of the store and eye-level impulse buys all of which can trigger our brains hunger signals.

Your goal in the supermarket is to get in and out buying only what you planned to buy and nothing else.

So to win your weekly battle of the supermarket sweep here are some tips to help you to reclaim control;-

  • Plan your meals – so you know what foods you need to buy
  • Shopping list – make one, take it and stick to it. Studies show that only around 40% of people use shopping lists however when they do the foods they have listed account for over 90% of the food they eventually buy. This can make you less vulnerable to temptation and unplanned purchases.
  • Don’t go shopping hungry – research has shown that you buy more treat foods when hungry
  • Shop online and only buy what you need – no temptations

Most of us feel that it’s lack of willpower that lets us down in our efforts to be successful, just remember you only have to say no once in a supermarket for that pack of 6 not to go in your shopping trolley. But if it does go in your trolley then you would have to say no at least 6 times.

The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one.

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