This week is Pancake Day, and that marks the beginning of Lent, which is when traditionally most people give up things you like.  But as we all know saying we can’t have something usually makes us want it more and we often end up eating more than we would have normally!

So let’s have a look at what could we give up for lent that would help us lose weight and be healthier?

  • Expecting overnight miracles
  • Making excuses
  • Missing meals
  • Not exercising
  • Being disappointed with a weight loss
  • Not making healthy choices
  • Being negative and Saying I can’t – give up “T” and it becomes I CAN! The person who will succeed is the one who doesn’t say I can’t but how can I. 
  • Being bored – then try something different – hobby, recipe, ingredients.
  • Not taking advice – there is a big difference between hearing what is being said and listening and taking it on board and putting it into action
  • Not checking portion sizes
  • Putting off till tomorrow what you could do today – Tomorrow never comes. 
  • In short give up Giving up.

If you give up making healthier choices for lent it will be so easy to be back to square one feeling like a failure again!

All too often we throw away our future success because of the disappointment in ourselves usually due to unrealistic expectations of what 1 good week yields on the scales

A healthy weight loss is anything from 1/2 lb up to 2 lbs a week and with 40 days of Lent (Nearly 6 weeks) to go lets think about the possibilities.

If you give up giving up then by: –

  • Easter you could be between 3 lbs and 12 lbs lighter
  • Spring Bank Holiday you could be 7 lbs – 28 lbs lighter (2 stone)
  • August Bank Holiday 13½ lbs – 54 lbs lighter
  • Bonfire Night 18 lbs – 72 lbs (that’s over 5 stone)
  • And finally…..Christmas 21½ lbs – 86 lbs lighter (that’s over 6 stone)

But if you give up trying then the odds are you won’t be any lighter at all

Don’t forget that in order to lose 7lbs you first have to lose ½lb and if you are disappointed with your ½lb and give up then you will never lose the 7 lbs.

The person who will successfully lose 86 lbs is the person who has accepted that in order to lose that amount of weight they first have to focus on not giving up and losing that first 1 lb and in some cases ½ lb

“Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

Vince lombardi

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