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As humans, we can be absolutely brilliant at creating a wide range of excuses but ultimately they limit our capabilities. From avoiding the gym to studying for an exam or sticking to a healthy eating plan, too often we look for excuses about why we can’t, even though we want the results in the moment the urgency fades and we slide down the slippery slope of making excuses of why we can’t today.

As I said we are all human and its natural that we make excuses from time to time. This is a simple habit that we use to rationalize “why” we didn’t follow through on a specific commitment.

This possibly stems back to childhood when we didn’t want to take the blame and it was always easy to make it the fault of somebody/something else – thereby absolving us from all blame and responsibility .

Saying that, if you’ve developed a bad habit where you are constantly making excuses then maybe its time to curb this behavior (and of course, not make excuses about why you can’t start today.)

We can be so inventive when it comes to excuses for not choosing the healthy option :-

  • Snowed/rained/windy/sunny/Cold/hot (so how many days does that leave then)
  • Tired (365 days of the year)
  • Stress
  • Bored
  • Poorly/unwell/hormones
  • Lockdown

Don’t like

  • Water – Too cold to drink the water.
  • Fruit or Vegetables
  • Breakfast
  • Low calorie options
  • Exercise
  • Slow weight loss

Didn’t have time

  • To exercise
  • To keep a food diary
  • To cook
  • To weigh and measure

If you continually use excuses like these then you will ultimately be flushing any chance of weight loss success down the toilet.

And lets face it we could come up with thousands more excuses if we really put our minds to it.

But none of them will help with you to achieve a weight loss. but its not just the weight loss its about how you feel when you constantly fail in your efforts again and again setting up the cycle of failure

So let’s look at how we can channel that wasted energy so that it helps rather than hinders.

  • Weather – at this time of the year it’s expected to be cold/wet/windy instead of looking at the negatives lets deal with it. come on we live in the UK our weather is temperamental at best and we may be fed up with it but eating something isn’t going to miraculously make the sun shine.
  • Tired – what does tired actually mean?  Is it more like can’t be bothered?  But don’t forget if you are totally sick and tired of the weight you are then you have to be bothered tired or not. 
  • Stress – this affects us all in different ways, however physical activity and relaxation techniques are far more effective stress busters than food.
  • Boredom – whose fault is it and what could help you? A new hobby to keep your hands and head occupied or even revisiting a past hobby that’s gathering dust in the back of a cupboard somewhere. or is it time to dust of those cookery books an get creative in the kitchen so instead of it being the same old same old for dinner you have something interesting and different to look forward to.
  • Poorly – when you aren’t well quite often this can affect your weight losses but if you compound the issue with comfort eating then you won’t have any weight loss at all. When you are ill your body actually needs nutritious foods to helps you rebuild and repair and not the comfort foods. Bear in mind comfort foods will not make you feel comfortable long term
  • Lockdown – so yes this is a new one for us all, and we are all dealing with it in different ways. Saying its not fair wont get your far – we can be constructive or destructive either way this time will pass regardless – the choice is yours!

Don’t like

  • Water – Too cold to drink the water who said it has to be cold. Whether you like it or not your body needs it and you will lose weight better if you drink it.
  • Fruit or Veg – so why not try to disguise it, liquidise it, blend it, soup it stew it, casserole it, roast it, bake it, stir-fry it or just learn to like it.
  • Breakfast – same answer its about looking for ways that you can rather than you can’t and don’t forget a piece of fruit and a cuppa maybe isn’t the best nutritional breakfast but it is better than no breakfast.
  • Low Calorie Options – if you don’t like/enjoy them then don’t have them just have a smaller portion of a full calorie option
  • Slow weight loss – but its healthy that way and sustainable – small steps for big changes.

Didn’t have time

  • To exercise – It’s not fun then is it? If you enjoyed it then nothing would stop you and you would be looking for way of how you could instead of why you can’t.
  • To fill in food diary – but if you don’t then you don’t really know if it’s a good or a bad week
  • To cook it – buy it ready made then but either way you have to know what it costs.
  • To weigh and measure – portion control is crucial to your success so if you are serious about being successful then you will find the time.

If we are prepared to deal with and get rid of our excuses then we will all end up with the slim inner that we all want to be, this coming week don’t let valentines day be the excuse you use for not losing weight.

He that is good at making excuses is seldom good for anything else.

Benjamin Franklin

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