Can you picture it?

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Our mind is one of the most powerful weapons we have, tapping into it can help us achieve anything we want.

All too often we start out with brilliant intentions and do well initially and then we allow self doubt, ‘what if’s’, its’s too difficult and I can’t to interfere with our aims, clouding our ambitions in all areas of our lives including work and our personal goals.

It’s time to take control – the sky is our limit!

Take a moment to close your eyes and visualise exactly what you want to achieve… lets say a happier, slimmer and healthier you. If you have a photograph in which you are all those things, its a great motivator as you have been there before. If not try closing your eyes and picture it, are you imagining yourself in a place? Or are you wearing something you’ve always wanted to wear? Put all the images to together in your mind, see it in every detail – you may need some quiet time!

Remember this is your visualisation, so it can be anything you want.

Mine is on a beautiful beach, bathed in stunning sunshine,the soothing sounds of waves lapping on the shore, if I look down on myself am I happy with what I see? If not change the image as that’s what my mind will focus on and work towards.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve

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If you cannot see yourself being all the things you desire, then sadly your mind has very little to aim for and we put little effort into working towards our vision. So if this is something you find challenging, make time to practice, as we all know practice makes perfect.

If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would astound ourselves

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