Feasting with the Easter Bunny?

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

In order to get the best results possible this Easter we need to look at what will help us stay in control.

Some of us find we are more likely to stay in control if we plan our eating in advance and write a shopping list and stick to it as this can quite often stop us buying/eating those high calorie Easter treats.  Which in turn has a positive affect on our efforts to lose weight.

Some of us like to do things differently – we will buy it – as there are others in our household who will want it.  And we will have some ourselves.  to stay as in control as those who don’t buy it in the first place we really need to be control of the portions/amount we are eating.

What will your Eggscuses be? 

  • I bought it just in case??? 
  • Everyone else was having??? 
  • Can’t make the family suffer because I’m on a diet??? 
  • Didn’t check how much it was going to cost until after I’d eaten it??? 
  • Didn’t have time??? 

But if you carry on like this then you are likely to crack up and scramble any chance of a weight loss and how will that make you feel?

Eggsercise – never forget if you are going to eat a few extra treats being more active is a brilliant way of counteracting the damage, but it needs to be an activity you enjoy its no good deceiving yourself that you will be doing the perfect push ups as an activity when you hate them, or convincing yourself that standing in the corner of the park waiting for the dog to run around and get back to you is Eggsercise

  • But if the perfect push up is only what you can push up into your mouth then that comes under the category of Eggscuses and not Eggsercise 
  • Don’t forget the sooner you start being more active the sooner you will see the benefit to your Eggsternal shape.
  • What activities could you do over the Easter break – Eggscursions, walk, bike ride etc?  But most importantly it’s not what you could do but what activities you WILL do?
  • If you are going out on Eggscursions this Easter remember to plan to take some low calorie/healthy treats as if you don’t go prepared the chance that the treat you do have won’t be as healthy

Eggstravagant – what does that mean to you? 

  • Loads calories?  Easter eggs, hot cross buns (just remember they are a treat not a meal replacement)
  • Could your Eggstravagance be something new to wear to celebrate your weight loss

Eggsamine – the only way to know if  it’s been a good or bad week is when you Eggsamine your food diary

  • If you don’t fill one in then how can you learn from your Eggsperiences so that you can discover what to do next time to make it better? 
  • Or Eggsamine could be checking out labels and knowing Eggsactly what you are eating, for some of you some things won’t be worth it but you won’t know if you don’t check.  Just remember you won’t be able to make the best choice for you if you don’t know what those choices are. Lindt Bunnies – No nutritional information so does that make them free?
  • But it could also mean comparing labels of similar food items to discover which one is best for you?  a hot cross bun has 155 calories but a chocolate mini roll has 116 calories. but being realistic if you don’t like chocolate mini rolls then there is no point choosing them as a better option as you wouldn’t enjoy it and would as a consequence be looking for something else you would enjoy, or there is no point selecting the hot cross bun and not taking into account the half a pack of butter you spread on it. and last but not least its no point buying a 6 pack of hot cross buns when you know that only you in your household likes them and expect to only eat one.
Photo by Giftpundits.com on Pexels.com


  • If you Eggsceed your daily allowance then think about what needs to happen so it doesn’t blow the whole weeks weight loss? 
  • But if you Eggsceed your daily allowance on a regular basis then you need to discover which filling and healthy low calorie foods you can start using to help get back on track for those weight losses.

Eggsperiment – why not try something different if you do want something that maybe you consider to be an Eggstravagance, or Eggstortionate in calories why not try making a healthier version yourself. Try typing “healthy xxxxxxxx recipe” in your search engine and see what you can find.

Eggscellent – we all want an Eggscellent result on the scales

But what is an Eggscellent result? 

It’s all relative, if you’d normally gain ½ stone over Easter because you’d eat everybody’s egg and your own then if this year you gain only 3lbs then that’s brilliant and it shows that you have been making Eggscellent healthier choices

Eggspert – everybody and his friend seems to be an Eggspert on diet but you are the expert on you. Understanding that a few eggs get broken along the way, but remember to make a good omelette you do have to break a few eggs. Its not over till its over, there’s always an opportunity every single day.

This Easter will you be having too many Eggstra eggs and will your waistlines Eggspand and will you feel like Eggsploding, or will you be Eggstraordinary Eggscellent in controlling the Eggstras because your past Eggsperiences have helped you to Eggscel

After Easter will you be Eggscited because you coped, or will you be Eggsamining Eggsactly where you went wrong.  What will your Eggscuses be?  Will you need some Eggspert advice to help you put the Eggsperience of Easter behind you?

Wouldn’t it be nice if after Easter everyone could be a chic Easter Chick rather than a Hot Cross Bunny?

Easter is a time for eggs and new beginnings so let’s get cracking.


reba mcintire

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