BeLEAF is everything!

You now have only 12 weeks left to lose weight for Christmas and your potential healthy weight loss could be anything up to 24 lbs at 2 lb a week As you know you need to set out your stall for autumn and have all the things around you that will enable you to beContinue reading “BeLEAF is everything!”

Hell’s Kitchen???

Changing lifestyles mean that we are spending more and more time in our kitchen. They are becoming the new center of our houses. Especially true during the pandemic. The constant presence of food can challenge our self control. It’s all too easy to mindlessly grab a biscuit or pour another glass of wine as weContinue reading “Hell’s Kitchen???”


Because our summers are so unpredictable sometimes just eating and doing things we associate with the summer can bring the season to life. The beauty of healthy eating is that there is nothing that we can’t but there are always going to be some healthier choices we could make. So this weekend you are goingContinue reading “PICNIC’S”

Anyone for tennis?

We all know the benefits of being more active we all want a slimmer summer and as well as following a healthy eating plan, being more active will help you find that summer shape quicker. Thinking of summer, here are a few sports/activities/exercises we usually associate British Summertime….. Gardening/Swimming/waking the dogs/walking on the beach/Frisbee/school sportsContinue reading “Anyone for tennis?”

Packing up????

For many of us during this pandemic, our holiday plans may have had to significantly change. Those who preferred to holiday on foreign shores may be looking to the English Riviera this year. So is holidaying in Britain very different? Many would say yes, lots of advantages, for example no foreign language to master, easyContinue reading “Packing up????”

To M eat or not to M eat?

Protein helps us feel satisfied during – and after – meals. It also helps protect our lean body mass (think muscles and bones), while we’re losing weight. Protein is the basic component of all living cells so it is vital that we eat some food containing protein every day because there is a constant turnoverContinue reading “To M eat or not to M eat?”

Garden Of Success

Vegetables so important to anyone who is for a healthier lifestyle, but how much should you eat? Government guidelines suggest we should have 5 servings a day but feel free to eat more if you want. There are so many vegetable available nowadays in your local supermarket that the choice is phenomenal! It can beContinue reading “Garden Of Success”

How do you eat yours????

So how DO you eat yours? Standing up, Over the sink, Watching TV, On your own, On the kitchen table, In the car, On the bus, On the train, On the plane, Quickly, Or do you prefer to take your time and really enjoy it! What am I talking about? – Snacking!! I lost someContinue reading “How do you eat yours????”

Bad habits breed like rabbits

If we were considering which good habits we would need to acquire in our battle to lose weight and keep it off then the following tips have got to be an important habits to use. Depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly doContinue reading “Bad habits breed like rabbits”