What is on your mind?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Most of us probably agree success is not just about what we are eating or even just about how active we are it’s also about what’s going off in our heads. If you think parts of your journey are impossible – then they will be!

Cognitive behavioural psychology research has shown that what we think impacts how we feel, which drives what we do. So basically the way we think gets in the way in a nutshell if we think we can’t we don’t even try.

Since the way we think can impact our progress, starting to shift the way we think now will actually help us be successful as we build habits on our journey. So how do we change “I can’t” into “I can?”

We all know that keeping an honest accurate food diary, controlling those portion sizes, drinking plenty of water, getting quality sleep and being more active will give you better success.

But these need to be done on a regular basis not as just a one day wonder. The road to success can be hampered by the fact that we look at all the things that are not going right instead of just focusing on one thing at a time and by focusing on that one thing and learning how to overcome it then gives you the confidence to attack the next challenge.

The strategies to help you deal with this will be discussed in more detail in your weekly meeting.

Simply being aware that shifting our thoughts helps us on the journey is a great place to start. So if we believe we can – we find a way. Don’t forget that success is 10% ability, and 90% attitude.

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