Roadmap to Success

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RoadMap seems to be a bit of a buzz word at the moment!

But what exactly is a “Roadmap”? Well I’m obviously showing my age here as far as I’m concerned I thought a road map was one of those big map books we got from the AA/RAC that we stashed away in the car in the years before we had sat navs or even now google maps on our phones.

But even going back to the big map books – we used them to plan our route to reach the destination of our choice so we were creating a roadmap to successfully reach our destination

In the same way we can also create a roadmap to success for whatever success means to you. whether it’s healthy eating, losing weight or even being more active.

We all need to:-

  • Know where you are starting from
  • Know where you want to go
  • Choose the route you want to follow
  • Know what challenges you are likely to encounter
  • Factor in time for pit stops
  • Remember speed is not a priority, getting to your destination is the objective
  • Enjoyment of the journey is paramount
  • Don’t give up till you get there
  • and if what you are doing isn’t working then be prepared to change

If you were travelling on a road journey you would have your map/directions/route to refer to when you need it.

All too often we expect results without have a plan of attack (roadmap) frequently it’s a spur of the moment decision and we don’t think it through.

Just think about an actual road journey – you have a holiday booked in Cornwall that you really are looking forward to, do you just get in the car and hopefully point the car in the right direction? Do you get to Devon and turn around and go back home because you are sick and tired of being in the car? If you hit a major traffic holdup do you give in and go home? Hopefully the answer to all these is no!

It doesn’t matter what causes the bump in the road to your success. What matters is that you have a roadmap to refer back to which can then help you not only get back on course but also to remember all the reasons why you initially started this journey.

Never forget…

If it mattered enough to start your journey then it should matter enough to continue your journey regardless of how many bumps you encounter.

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Success is not final. Failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.

winston churchill

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