Why is Breakfast the best meal of the day?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day when it comes to satisfaction, and those that have it are more successful in their weight loss journey.

Research has shown that eating a breakfast gives better long term weight loss success, better concentration and work output and can help you to avoid the mid-morning slump which usually leads to an unplanned hot drink and a biscuit or two.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Children who regularly eat breakfast perform better at school, the importance of having a breakfast has been recognized to such a degree which is why there are now many more breakfast clubs at school.

There are many different types of breakfast to choose from, just remember having a breakfast regularly is a good healthy habit to have.

So what type of breakfast eater are you?

  • A skipper? (Those who can’t face breakfast first thing in morning)
  • An early bird? (Those who take breakfast with them as they don’t have time to eat before leaving home)
  • A cerealist? (Those who like a cereal breakfast)
  • A cooker? (Those who find time for a cooked breakfast)
  • A minimalist? (eat as little as possible so more food for later in the day)
  • A mixicologist? (a different breakfast everyday)
  • A griller? (toast!)

Out of all the options, and there are many more styles I can think of, the only one that is not good for you and your health is the skipper. and here’s why – the word “break” “fast” means exactly that after 8 hours sleep (hopefully) fuel is needed to start your body burning calories more efficiently. those who put off eating a breakfast because it helps them feel slimmer by lunchtime when often find it just pushes all their meals later in the day and more likely to eat at night when we have the greater potential to eat rubbish.

So how can you stop being a skipper and start including a breakfast as part of our healthy eating routine. Remember we don’t like change so the way to be successful is small steps, maybe start with a small glass of orange juice (doesn’t take long to pour and drink), and build from there.

Often the people who say they don’t like breakfast will have a cooked breakfast when they go on holiday so it isn’t that they don’t like breakfast. the time has come to be honest with yourself about why you don’t eat a breakfast, and when we are honest with ourselves the answers are a lot easier to find.

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com

What’s key is making our breakfast plan easy (and that includes whether we eat our breakfast at home, in the office or even on the go). We need to reclaim control of what we eat for breakfast, so that we are not leaving it to chance but are making it a part of our healthier eating routine.

Another key factor can be planning what you are actually going to have for breakfast not forgetting to factor in what fills and satisfies you.

You could even pour your bowl of cereals the night before and leave it on the side in view so that it reminds you and all you have to do is pour the milk over and its good to go

It’s alright planning what we are going to have for breakfast but remember variety is important. It’s no surprise we fall off the wagon at the weekend when during the week we have had puffed wheat with skimmed milk for breakfast every week day because its one of the lowest calorie cereals and a 30 g portion is massive, but we don’t really like/enjoy it.

Portion size can be key to your satisfaction too so if you have weighed a portion of a cereal and decide to change then you will need to reweigh your portion.

Photo by LEONARDO VAZQUEZ on Pexels.com

Don’t forget it’s not about the amount in the bowl its counting the portion you are eating correctly and you can’t normally do that with your eyes you need to use a good set of food weighing scales

We all know enjoying a satisfying breakfast is important to weight loss success – leaving our breakfast choices to chance could leave you having to make food decisions in the moment that could send you off track before you’ve even started your day just remember we are pre-programmed to respond to the sights, sounds and even smells of tempting, often high calorie foods – especially so when we are not satisfied with the meals we are having.

If you are really serious about getting healthier/fitter/and lighter think about what would you need to do to get started on making your breakfast part of your healthy and new routine.

Breakfast like a King

Lunch like a Prince

Dinner like a Pauper

adelle davis

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