All or Nothing?

How many of these can you relate to?

  • Your wonderful partner arrives home with the most beautiful bunch of 12 long stemmed red roses, but when you remove the cellophane 1 has snapped so do you cut off the heads of the other remaining roses??
  • Have you ever been going somewhere in the car and got lost because you took a wrong turn – so went back home?
  • Have you ever had a puncture in your car and then decided to slash the other 3 perfectly good tyres because 1 was damaged?
  • Will you throw away all your summer clothes because of the possibility of a dreadful weather forecast?
  • Have you ever dropped a stitch in your knitting or crochet and undone it all?
  • Have you ever chipped a tooth and told the dentist to take all your teeth out?
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I know that not one of you would dream of doing any of the above!

Then why oh why when you eat something not planned do you ditch all of this week’s efforts?

Often we are our own worst enemy, its not just all or nothing, its on it or off it, doing it or not doing it, being good or being bad, focused or not. When you look at all the other areas of our lives, its never that black and white so why do we apply it to ourselves regarding weight loss, activity or healthy eating!

To achieve the results we all desire we don’t need to be perfect, but we do need to persist.

Rather than it always being all or nothing, think about what damage limitation is possible. In all the other areas of our lives we ARE prepared for hiccups, we don’t throw everything away if it isn’t perfect, we adapt, make do & mend.

We just need to apply the same realistic thought process to this journey & then you will succeed.

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