What is SUCCESS…..

Success means different things to us all, for many it’s a direct association with what the scales say, so if its a weight loss – that’s a successful week, but often in the past when we have followed a strict ‘diet’ our expectation of what we should lose often falls short of what we actually do lose, and that can lead to feelings of deprivation and an ‘it’s not fair’ attitude. So we stop following it. If we lowered our weight loss expectation and focused more on healthy eating, compromise, balance and enjoying our journey success follows naturally.

In the past when celebrating an event, holiday, birthday or Christmas we may have totally gone off track and the weight gain may have been far more that we were prepared for. In fact we should be proud that we have come along to our meetings and wanted to draw a line. Someone once said to me that when they were on holiday all thoughts of ‘dieting’ went out the window and they always did considerable damage. My response was how many weeks are you on holiday for? 52 OR 2, the reply was 2, I replied, that’s good then 50 weeks to stay in control, good job it’s that way round and not vice versa! Surely that’s success!

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We’re back to All or Nothing? and life is not that simple or straight forward. When everything is going smoothly it’s relatively easy to focus on yourself. However work, life, family illness and other demands can mean a change in priorities often with your needs coming at the bottom of the list. It’s often then that you settle for quick meal options which can mean dissatisfaction with the quantity and quality of the food on your plate, and as we’ve said before, that can lead to mindless eating which normally results in a weight gain. But again, changing that thought process can yield great benefits and accepting that parts of our journey may be more challenging and looking for ways to stay in control rather than, that’s it I can’t do this! It is simply a passing stage. This may be the time we consider re-thinking what is in both our fridges and freezers, batch cooking to create your own healthy ready meals when you have the opportunity, using slow cookers to throw everything in the night before and switch on in the morning, a delicious meal ready when you are! Ready meals can be a blessing, just choose wisely, many of the ‘healthy low calorie’ ones can be bland, insubstantial and not filling or pleasant. It may be a better choice to go for a filling and healthy one instead that may give you better physical and mental satisfaction. After all a ready meal shouldn’t be a punishment, simply a choice and it should help you stay in control and give you the results you want. Success means so many things, not just what a set of scales say!

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on Pexels.com



3 thoughts on “What is SUCCESS…..

  1. Success for me means doing as well as I can. I figure if I am kinder to myself about it I won’t have the days/weeks of “giving up” when I do all the damage!

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  2. That message The courage to continue is so powerful I have been struggling to get back on track and putting off coming but this message has spurred me on

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