Spring Forward

Photo by Alena Koval on Pexels.com

March is here, and like many of us, my thoughts turn to…..

Longer days and lighter nights, spring flowers and sunshine. Also spring cleaning as the sunshine highlights all the bits I’ve missed- cobwebs! Windows! I do love a smear-free window and have discovered ‘Minky’ their window cloth is amazing! However this year with lockdown, I’ve definitely stayed on top of it as there’s been so much time at home!

Re-decorating…I know from many of you that you have used the extra time at home to repaint, refurbish, wallpaper, in fact transform your homes and NOW its time to put the same effort into transforming you.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

How about spring cleaning our weight loss efforts so that we Spring forward towards our goals?

Could we spring clean our house so that it could benefit that our weight loss efforts?

We could sort out our Food cupboards, donating to charity items that won’t help our efforts to lose weight and are too tempting.

Our wardrobes are a fabulous way to re-focus, trying on what fits and what doesn’t. Pick an item you truly would love to be wearing this summer, if its tucked away is it out of sight out of mind? Hang it on the outside of your wardrobe, a wonderful reminder of what you want to achieve.

Spring also gives a perfect opportunity to be more active as it can be warmer, use the extra hour to do something positive that will benefit both your body and soul, may be more time in the garden preparing for summer blossoms and blooms.

As you lose weight a new you emerges just like those Spring flowers – but they are just a taster to a garden in full bloom, just as your weight loss is now imagine how wonderful you will feel this summer if you work hard now.

Thinking of all things spring…

Spring chicken – don’t you wish you were – but how many of us put it down to age, not being able to walk as far? When in actual fact the biggest contributing factor is carrying those extra pounds. Every extra stone you carry adds 4 stones to your knees on each step!

Spring greens/onions – what is in season at the moment? By buying seasonal fruit and Veg we get it at its cheapest but also at its most nutritious.

Spring Lambs, no-one can fail to smile at the sight of the newborn lambs frolicking in the fields. Is it time to revamp your activity for the new season?

Spring water – 2 litres a day! Are you getting yours – is it time to dust off your water drinking habits?

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Spring shows us all how New Life begins to blossom after the long, cold winter and its also the time our thoughts turn to summer, holidays, days out, weddings? Time to prepare your body for the summer sun, all to often we leave it for later instead of starting now, but the secret to a successful summer is to start now.

By the end of March the sun will set at 7.37 pm, by April 8.30 pm, May it’s 9.17 pm and June it will be 9.34 pm. Brighter, longer days are coming, let’s not wait to become that happier, healthier person.

Sow the seeds of hard work and you will reap the fruits of success. Find something to do, do it with all your concentration. You will excel.

Israelmore Ayivor

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