Small Steps = Big Changes

If you concentrate on small, manageable steps you can cross unimaginable distances

Shaun Hick
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How would you feel if I asked you to run a marathon tomorrow?

For many of us that is what our journey feels like as we tend to look at the whole journey and feel daunted so less likely to begin. Instead of thinking step by step-no different to redecorating the whole house in 1 go rather than wall by wall.

Unless we were all trained athletes, that would be an unrealistic goal. Which is not unlike expecting to lose a stone in 2 weeks!

But if you did want to run a marathon, how would you start?

Making a plan, starting with small steps, like NHS Couch to 5K plan, or installing an app on your phone, or investing in a pedometer/activity monitor

Losing weight is often seen as a journey. And as with any journey, the key that ensures you will reach your destination, in this case healthier eating, is to keep going. Breaking down your journey into achievable steps that will keep you motivated is the way to achieve want you want to achieve, and stay there.

If you break down your weight loss efforts into smaller steps you are more likely to stay motivated and continuously lose weight week after week. Every half a pound is important; it boosts your resolve and determination to stay focused and most importantly it takes you half a pound closer to your goal.

By separating out the steps in your journey it gives you a stronger sense of achievement and avoids the pitfalls of a sense of failure when you don’t achieve your expected results especially so when you feel you have such a long way to go

When we decide we’re serious about losing weight have you ever found yourself saying: 

  • I am giving up alcohol completely I am never having a drink again!
  • Never eating chocolate/cake/pudding/biscuits/sweets again
  • And I am going to exercise every day?

Sadly “All or Nothing” goals are too hard to stick to and often lead to failure and negative feelings because the expectation is too high the rewards too little so you stop even bothering – bit like banging your head against a brick wall

Maybe one of the biggest steps you can take towards success is enjoying the journey

When you are going without you expect miracles because you are suffering but when you enjoy your meals and you still get results, whether it be a smaller you, or a healthier more active you, then you will carry on.

Setting big goals can be counter-productive, breaking them down into small steps allows you to have a focus on achievement week after week .What is critical is that you set goals, however small. It could be every day I’ll walk 10 minutes , or 10 steps!, or I’ll have alcohol on Friday nights rather than the other 6 days!

Every small step, every small change for the better will, if you are persistent, bring about amazing results

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It is better to take many small steps in the right direction, than to make a great leap forward, only to stumble backwards

Old chinese proverb

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