Recipe for Success….

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Let’s think about getting back to basics. We are going to look at what actually is the recipe is to success!

You will need a vivid imagination…

I want you to imagine that I am stood in front of you with my apron on, an empty bowl and a wooden spoon and we’re going to make a cake, not just any cake but a perfect cake.

Have you ever wanted to make a perfect cake?  Why? So where do I start, what do I need to make this perfect cake?

First off we need a good recipe – how do you know it’s a good recipe, how do you know it’s going to work? If you use the same recipe that’s gone wrong in the past what makes you think it’ll be any different this time?

When you’ve chosen the recipe then you need all the Ingredients. So then you’ll need to make a shopping list, and find time to go shopping.

Then find time to make it, not forgetting to allow for the cooking time and the cooling time.

So I’ve done all that and I’m home and the ovens on.

Now what, where do I start?

I need the recipe with me while I make it so that I can follow the correct instructions, just because I’ve read it through once doesn’t mean I’m going to remember it correctly.

When making a cake the first 2 things in the bowl are the fat and the sugar.  It didn’t say I needed a set of spoons; I’ve always used a knife.  It’ll do!  (Fat is essential for a healthy diet, but is the most concentrated form of calories, so it is imperative that it is measured accurately in some way).

It says cream together, but it’s hurting so I’ll just stir a couple of times, it should be enough. (Without essential beating/creaming the cake will not rise properly, whether or not it hurts do you want a perfect result?)

It says I need 4 eggs (protein) but I’m not keen so I’m only going to add 1 and I’m going to make it up with a little more flour (carbohydrate).  (By reducing the protein and increasing the carbohydrate I’m unbalancing the recipe and altering its chances of success).

It says mix in the eggs little by little and then fold in the flour, but I’m short of time so I’ll put them in together and stir it a couple more times. (By going for the quick easy option, the cake won’t rise to my expectations).

It says skimmed milk, but I don’t like that so I’m only going to put in ½ the amount of semi skimmed milk. (That sounds familiar?)

The next ingredient is water to soak the fruit, horrible stuff so I’m going to use a little squash, or on second thought I could put some diet coke in instead. (Again that sounds familiar, the water is essential to revitalise and re-hydrate the fruit any other fluid does not do the same job).

I’m not keen on fruit so I’m going to leave the dried fruit out, maybe I could put a little more flour and a few nuts in instead, because nuts are good for you. (Again you’re changing the balance and the outcome for a successful cake)

It now says put it in a 9 inch round lined tin, but I haven’t got a tape measure or any baking parchment, I usually use this one, it should be ok and it’s a non stick so I won’t need to line it, I’ll just wipe a bit of fat round just to be sure. (Guesswork is an easy option but as you all know it doesn’t work)

It says cook for 1 hour at gas mark 4/180 C but I’ve got to go out in 35 minutes so I’ll just put it up to 220 C and take it out after ½ hour. (If you want the right result give it the time it needs, even if I’d followed the recipe properly, weighed and measured and not swapped ingredients if I’m not prepared to give the time it needs it won’t be right)

When I take the cake out what do you think I will get? Will it be perfect, because I did it by the book?

It always seems to happen to me, where did I go wrong, maybe it’s the recipe, what do you think?

But that is how so many of us interpret the recipe for weight loss success. When you change what you don’t like for what you used to do, which never worked then so why will it now?

There are a series of factors that can affect your perfect weight loss result, not following the recipe is one of them, not being healthily active is another and a major factor according to a recent report is the size of your portions.

So if you are not happy with the results week after week you know what you need to do!

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If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got


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