Does your Lunch pack a punch?

Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you


How you eat your lunch can say an awful lot about the choices you are making,

If it’s with your fingers…..

Standing up…..


It takes 20 minuets for your stomach to tell your brain it’s received food when you eat quickly, standing up and with our fingers odds are its a high carbohydrate food, for example, a sandwich, crisps, chocolate bar etc. It’s really easy to take in a lot of calories because those foods are quickly eaten and because of this we don’t feel full or satisfied. This creates the need to continue eating similar foods.

Photo by Danika Adderley on

Sitting down…..

It’s quite likely to be a more substantial and filling meal if you’re sitting down to eat, possibly taking your time and savouring your lunch, also creating an event of your lunch, not something just to be snatched and grabbed.

Knife and fork…..

This is one of the best ways to eat, as using a knife and fork suggests assorted types and textures of foods, difficult to eat with your fingers which usually takes more time-even a sandwich served as an open one eaten sitting down & with a knife & fork can feel more satisfying, remembering it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain it’s been fed!

These two are quite possibly the very best ways to enjoy your lunch incorporating some essential skills.

Packed lunch…

Photo by Vanessa Loring on

These fabulous images of packed lunches are a great blueprint for how our lunch boxes could look, featuring a combination of colours, flavours and also crunchy foods which take longer to eat, thereby giving your body a chance to feel full. You could also invest in a wide-necked flask which could have low calorie homemade soup in it, which then gives you even more choices – it could be a hot lunch instead of a cold sandwich or if its a homemade low calorie soup that then gives you the option of turning your lunch into a 2 course meal which would definitely being more substantial, more filling, and more enjoyable which leaves you feeling more satisfied mentally and physically. Why not check out our previous blog Physical and Mental Satisfaction

So imagine, if you did plan your lunches this week and put some more effort into what you have instead of just grabbing the same sandwich, the difference that would make not only to your weight-loss but also to your physical and mental satisfaction, and it could also make a difference to our need to unplanned snacking later in the day!

Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch


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