How do you eat yours????

So how DO you eat yours?

  • Standing up,
  • Over the sink,
  • Watching TV,
  • On your own,
  • On the kitchen table,
  • In the car,
  • On the bus,
  • On the train,
  • On the plane,
  • Quickly,
  • Or do you prefer to take your time and really enjoy it!

What am I talking about? – Snacking!!

I lost some weight once, but I found it again in the fridge


How many of us don’t actually keep count of all our snacks because…..

  • You don’t think it matters
  • You don’t know the calories
  • You didn’t bother to check because you knew it was high calories!!

There are millions of foods that we could snack on that would cause no damage but but not many of you feel like peeling and chopping carrots when the mood hits.

Snacking is normally about treats, comfort, and habit and isn’t to be confused with foods that fill you up.

Because most people snack in the evening when losing weight they can often find that a snack takes them over their allowances?

How could you put it right if you did? Planning is the secret here whether its planning to have a lower calorie snack or planning to consume less calories during the the day to free them up for your snacks. This is a really good reason to keep a food diary, as if you are eating more high calorie snacks you will need to review your day and balance it out.

Eating 3 regular meals a day is fine – but eating more often with snacks is fine too – as long as you stay within your budget.

If you are a “Snacker” by nature, deciding that you want to lose weight/become healthier isn’t going to change that so you need to be choosing something that will fill you and keep you in control.

Don’t forget that the best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm.

So we need to look for ways that allow us to snack without the consequences of a weight gain.

A possibility could be to have a low calorie snack box, okay, it might not be what you were looking for but it could take the edge off your need to make it easier to stay in control of the snack you were actually looking for.

You could fill a snack box with your fruit/ready prepared vegetables, however, when we fancy a snack it’s more often than not high calorie we are really lucky as nowadays there are hundred’s of lower calorie sweet and savoury snacks available in many of the budget shops as well as the regular supermarkets.

Often it’s not your meals, but is in fact your snacking that causes you problems with your weight loss!

But if you are a snacker you will ultimately return to that snacking behaviour.  And if you haven’t learnt successful strategies for coping with snacking it could be your downfall

What sort of snacker are you?

Keep my hands busy snacker

  • Take up a hobby to keep hands busy or go for a walk and then if you do eat something at least you will have burnt some calories towards it.
  • It could also be that now you know what sort of snacker you are that you will plan a controlled snack that is included in your eating plan so that you don’t feel a loss of control.
  • So what would be a good snack for a keep my hands busy snacker? It could be a proper supper – that you  would eat with a knife and fork and if you are short on supper ideas the internet could be your salvation

Tipsy snacker

If you are a tipsy snacker at home then the same strategies for a Keep my hands busy snacker would apply

But if you are a tipsy snacker at a pub then what?? Know your devil and also the calories! Again planning is key, and if you’ve done your homework then you know the best choice for you!

Activity achieved through the week can also re-balance the books (you could walk to the pub wearing your activity monitor)

Stress-head snacker

This could be at work – and if you’re not prepared then you will eat anything!

It could be when the kids have finally gone to bed!!!

Take some time to consider when does stress hit you? and plan your strategy!

But always remember that eating won’t make your stress go away, removing yourself from the situation might help, go for a walk or go to another room.

Want a lot snacker

If you are this hungry it could be because you haven’t got your portions right during the day. Have you scrimped too much during your day so that you could indulge in your favourite snack but then because you are so hungry your control is not at its best.

Is it because once you have opened the floodgates you can’t stop. So if you have bought a multi-pack you won’t stop till they’ve all gone so surely the answer is not to buy multi-packs but to buy individuals instead, yes they they might cost you more in £’s but it will save you lb’s.

Just being friendly snacker

Will just one hurt?  For the majority of us yes!! but you do need to be able to say NO with conviction! if your No sound like it could be a yes then you shouldn’t be surprised if they are persistent.

We have to think about whom our friends are and to be successful with your weight loss your best friend has to be you – and the friends who continually offer/tempt you, well you then have to ask if they have an ulterior motive.

Somebody who is naturally slim has a different mindset and wouldn’t think twice about saying no, and if it was us offering we wouldn’t be offended either if they did say no.  So why shouldn’t the reverse be true?

Set the clock snacker

If you are stuck in the elevenses tea and biscuits try changing the time or changing the drink as its harder to dunk a biscuit in a can of coke

Emotional snacker 

Comfort eating doesn’t make you comfortable it just adds another item to your emotional stress.

Your surroundings are crucial if high calorie snacks are easily available then that’s what you will go for but if you are surrounded by lower calorie/healthier options then you will be more likely to stay in control

I didn’t mean to gain weight, it just happened by snackcident


It isn’t the type of snacker you are that’s the problem, the problem is either lack of control or the snack that you are having.

Knowing exactly what triggers the need/desire to snack is possibly halfway to understanding both why we do it and also what our choices need to be if we want to be successful

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