Your Flight to Success

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Ladies and Gentlemen: WELCOME ABOARD Flight SLIM 2021 flying you to your destination – Healthier lifestyles, behaviours and weight loss. This journey could experience pockets of turbulence and also we may need to divert several times, and possibly will even need to circle at times. However, please be assured this is perfectly normal on a journey of this type. Remember, however long this journey takes your destination will be absolutely amazing and everything you imagined it would be!

Our names are Sonya & Jackie and we are your Pilot & Co-pilot for the duration of this journey, and between us we have been successfully piloting journeys such as yours for the last 64 years

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In a few moments we will go through the safety procedures and it’s important you pay full attention.

Please ensure your arms and legs remain uncrossed for the duration of this flight, this is because folded arms and crossed legs are a subconscious defensive behaviour, meaning you are unlikely to be sitting comfortably and less willing to absorb the information required for your successful flight.

Can you also please make sure your phones and all electrical equipment are in flight mode to ensure no unnecessary distractions.

Before we continue there may be some of you who feel a little uneasy about your journey, let me assure you this is a perfectly natural response, remember we are all on this journey together and if at any time you need any assistance please let us know. Our contact details are on this Website.

Are you ready for your journey to begin? Before we take off there are some safety procedures we need to run through.

Even If you have made this journey before with other airlines and are a ‘seasoned’ traveller, please give these safety procedures your full attention as they may differ to your previous experience.

  1. Please decide what you are aiming for in the foreseeable future and make sure that it is achievable –during your flight be prepared to have a one to one discussion with your pilot regarding your long term goals.
  2. The beauty of travelling with us is that you are no longer restricted to any particular healthy eating plan during your journey, you have full flexibility to choose one that suits you best, and this may change during your flight.
  3. Ladies and Gentleman to make this flight easier for you it is recommended that you record the food and drink you consume on this journey, in case you need to make adjustments further along the flight.
  4. During your journey you will find it beneficial if you get up from your seats and move around, as this will benefit in better circulation and improved seat fitting, if you need any extra assistance in this area please call your hostess who will provide suggestions for you. We do recommend using an activity monitor or app.
  5. In an emergency on a regular flight oxygen masks will drop from the panel above your head, it is absolutely crucial you fit your own mask first before helping others. On this journey we have found in emergency situations all too often we rush to help others at our cost, but you cannot help others if you yourself are not equipped to do so. Whilst this may appear a selfish act, it really is imperative you put yourself first. as sadly when we don’t our priorities shift and we can lose our determination and motivation to continue our flight.
  6. And finally, however turbulent your flight should become, please DO NOT attempt to leave this flight, place your trust in your pilot/co-pilot to safely navigate you to your destination.


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On behalf of flight S L I M 2021 may I take this opportunity to wish you a pleasant, exciting and successful journey.

These safety procedures are provided to enable you to successfully reach your destination, should you need a recap, please ask, there will be plenty of advice, support and guidance available on your life-changing journey in your weekly Face to Face meetings opening….. COVID-19 restrictions permitting week commencing 21st June 2021

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step


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