Carrot or Stick??

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A glass is it ½ full or ½ empty? It’s the same amount however you look at it but it can depend whether or not you are a positive or a negative person as to what you see

  • Is the week-end a wash out because of the weather or did the garden need it?
  • Is a weight gain a waste of time or a learning curve?
  • Is not having a weight loss this week a failure or a challenge?
  • Is losing weight about what I can’t have or about looking at what I can have?

Remember whichever way you think you can use it to motivate you to a weight loss but you have to know which type you are to make it work.

In a nutshell do you work best with Carrot or Stick motivation?

Carrot motivation would be if I work hard and do the exercise and save calories then I can have the milkshake.

Stick motivation is I’ve had the milkshake so I’ve got to do the exercise to pay for it.

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Both carrot and stick motivation has the ability to result in a weight loss!

Another way to describe it is working towards or working away from something.

Everybody is either one type of person or another and all you need to do is find out which you are and then develop the skills to tap into the right attitude for success!

Take for example Alice has lost a total of 8 ½ stone on her journey so far, so if you had to guess at what sort of person she is, would you guess positive or negative? She is in actual fact a glass ½ empty person obviously not having a positive outlook hasn’t hindered her progress so far!

Her motivation to carry on each week is because she’s focusing backwards and moving away from the person that she was. and never wants to be again and she believes she CAN achieve it!

Jane has also lost 8 ½ stone on her journey so far but unlike Alice she is a glass half full person and her motivation is that she is looking forward to the person she wants to be and she believes she CAN achieve it.

A simple as a photo would work to help motivate both of them, for Jane a picture of what she used to be and for Alice a picture of what she wants to be.

Getting a picture of what you used to be can be done but how do you get a picture of what you want to be if you’ve never been there?

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You need 2 pictures just cut out a head of you from an old photo and stick it on the head of a picture of a person that has a shape you are aiming for.

Regardless of whether you are like Alice or Jane the pictures now need to be put somewhere where you can always see them.

Same with clothes – smaller working towards (and I bet we’ve all got some in the wardrobe) bigger (don’t want to have to wear it again)

It doesn’t matter if the glass is ½ full or ½ empty it’s about working out which type of person you are and using that information to help your weight loss success.

Eating healthily and controlling your portions will give you the weight you dream of…

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But add in exercise and you’ll get the shape you dream of too! Exercise is the one specific add-in that you can use to focus on transforming specific parts of your body you want to change.

There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes things happen


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