Never enough!!!

The key to successful weight loss is staying motivated every week and often that can seem impossible because we only look at the numbers and find it difficult to accept not every week will the result be seen on the scales, sometimes its making better decisions that long term will lead us to where we want to be.

I personally feel its so sad to watch someone throw away their future success because they were disappointed with just a ½ lb. We will ALL at some stage be disappointed, its how you choose to react that can determine your future.

½ lb a week is a great achievement the key thing is that every ½ lb lost is bringing you closer to where you want to be and is moving in the right direction.

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Taking the ‘glass half full’ approach to weight loss and realising that every ½ lb has an impact on your weight loss journey.

Remember it’s how you react to losing ½ lb that can make all the difference to your long term goal and on how you approach the following week.

So are you a glass ½ full or a glass ½ empty person?

Consider how much weight you have lost so far in ½ lbs? Look at how much better you feel, your self esteem and pride is increasing, your clothes may be looser, your health will certainly be improving. Its not just about that ½ lb you lost this week.

Keeping an honest food diary means a more accurate account of what you’ve actually eaten and gives you a chance to review and reflect on your choices which could be the reason why its ½ lb.

Take your measurements, date it and keep it somewhere safe, sometimes your inch loss can keep you motivated when your weight loss seems like a glass ½ empty!

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Total weight loss so far – looking how far you have come can be much more positive than thinking how far you’ve still got to go!

  • ½ lb could take you to your next weight loss target
  • ½ lb could take you down into the next stone
  • Its ½ lb nearer to where you want to be
  • its ½ lb further away from where you started out

Its so important we learn from experience and stay positive with every loss. Every ½ lb is a positive result at the scales and should be celebrated. If you lost ½ a week for a whole year, that would give you nearly a 2 stone weight-loss in the year, and let’s face to be 2 stone lighter would make a significant difference to our self esteem and how we look and feel and well as the size of clothes we are wearing.

There are those who win a bronze medal who are really ecstatic and then those who win a bronze medal but because they expected the gold medal they are gutted. If your expectations aren’t realistic and achievable, so then you will be disappointed which can often cause us to turn to eating ‘comfort foods’ which then leads us to feelings of failure and thinking what’s the point, inevitably throwing it all away taking us back to where we began!



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