A Spanner in the Works

What puts a spanner in the works for your weight loss?

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  • Poorly (you, partner, kids)
  • Deserved a treat
  • Fed up
  • Birthday/ Anniversary/ Meal out/ Party
  • School Holiday
  • Needed cheering up/ Depressed/ Disappointed/stressed

For every spanner in the weight loss works there’s often a simple solution that you can use to help you solve it

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All ready meals come complete with calorie count.

Cookbooks –Any of your favourite recipes or search online

Normally comfort food (Carbs) but protein is the repair and rebuild so try to factor some in – traditionally ‘Granny’ served beef broth!



What makes a ‘TREAT’!!!

The dictionary definition of a “Treat” is an item that is out of the ordinary that gives great pleasure.

Normally a Treat in our eyes is alcohol, chocolate, cake, or even a meal out all of which is do-able just know the cost and remember the dictionary definition don’t let it become an everyday occurrence.

For me it’s a holiday for Sonya its a weight loss – but actually that’s not a treat it’s what she’s earnt!

Fed up/bored

What are you fed up with? The weather, your size, same food, being on a diet, your shape, life, and not seeing results quickly enough.  We have to learn to stop stressing about things we can’t change and put our efforts into what we can.  If its boredom with food/dieting then whose fault is it and what will help?  Size, shape, results – could you give them a boost by being more active – is there a new activity you could try?  Or an old one you could get back to doing?  Lighter nights – gardening?

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Celebrating for whatever reason

What’s the best present you could give yourself?  What could you ask for?  What could you ask them not to get?  Maybe you could chose the restaurant – make it easier to make healthier choices with obviously a treat or two maybe?

Remember the only time a celebration will stop your weight loss is when you lose total control and your celebration lasts for the whole week! Using a food diary in these circumstances is essential because its only then you know what you have had and whether you might need do some activity to balance the books.

School Holidays

Involve the children, get them to choose a healthy recipe and help make it, or an activity and do it with them, remember to use an activity monitor/app so you can be proud of your achievement.

Holiday??? Are you lucky enough to be going away this year? How many weeks is it to your holiday?

Is your holiday the reason why you wanted to become healthier?? If it is do you want to throw it all away or do you want to look as good or better next time?  The more you know the easier it will be and the best advice is not to go without but stay in control of what you do have and know what you need to do to balance it e.g. swimming/walking/dancing etc

Need cheering up/disappointed/stressed/depressed

Does comfort eating make you feel comfortable?  No it gives you another problem to deal with. 

Why not make a list of why you want to lose weight and don’t forget to add in how you feel when that happens.

Then make a list of what stops you and try focusing on one item on the list and try to turn one I can’t into I can – just remember its only the “T” that’s stopping you.

Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE!

Audrey Hepburn

Whatever the spanner in the works there is an answer.

  • But you’ve got to find the answer
  • You’ve got to want to find the answer
  • And then you’ve got to do it

Otherwise – same old same old and It’ll be another year of If only’s and I wish

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As Bob the Builder says….We can fix it yes we can!

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