Packing up????

For many of us during this pandemic, our holiday plans may have had to significantly change. Those who preferred to holiday on foreign shores may be looking to the English Riviera this year.

So is holidaying in Britain very different? Many would say yes, lots of advantages, for example no foreign language to master, easy to return home in an emergency, food and drink is familiar, supermarkets sell exactly the same, take as much luggage as you want…

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So what about some disadvantages- the Great British weather (sadly it may have to be outfits for ALL seasons!) This can also result in a more expensive break if you’ve got children trying to find indoor entertainment. As a couple, possibly more mooching around the shops, visiting ‘Yea Olde Coffee Shop’ more frequently and being tempted by the delicious ‘Home made Cake’.

Maybe feelings of it’s not fair! This isn’t my ideal holiday choice so I deserve to eat, drink and spoil myself, possibly those you’re traveling with may lead you astray I’ll have one, but only if you are!!

Packing up for a holiday can be exciting and challenging, lets explore the thought process and look at what ‘packing up’ actually means to you.

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So is it….

  • Packing up work?
  • Packing up dieting?
  • Packing up clothes?

You will know the associations of ‘having a break’ and its your choice as to which you perceive it to be, but you can change your perception as they are just thoughts, not actions or fact! The real truth is that if you cope really well when you’re at home in your usual routine, then that’s about 90% of the time – if you go totally wild and uncontrolled, it’s only 10% and keeping it in perspective makes the return to ‘normal’ much easier.

Most us wouldn’t go on holiday without your essential protection packed in your suitcase

  • Suntan lotion to stop you getting burnt
  • After sun in case you get burnt
  • Medical kit in case of accidents

In the same way you could pack in your suitcase the following items to help provide some essential protection from a weight gain…

App/activity monitor to accurately keep track of all that extra activity, you may be doing more walking and exploring possibly – don’t forget this will not only burn extra calories which you could use for those extra treats but it will also help you to transform your shape.

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Belt/ Fitted clothes – they will instantly let you know how it’s going, if they still fit the odds are you won’t be disappointed with what the scales say on your return.

Sweeteners  – if you are used to taking sweeteners in tea/coffee or sprinkling it on your cereals then what a waste of calories if you resort to sugar.  Just 5 cups of tea/coffee and a bowl of cereals could mean you are wasting valuable calories every day and I’m sure you could think of something you would rather spend them on.

Digital Camera – when you look at the pictures you have taken then you can instantly see what you look like, how many will be joining in September because of a picture they had taken on their holiday???

These 3 healthy eating habits can help to give you added protection

  • Make sure you eat regular meals – when you go too long between meals it can really stretch your control and ultimately your waistband.
  • Fruit and vegetables – filling yourself up with at least 5 servings of fruit/vegetables can help to keep you in control.
  • Water is really important as it will keep you hydrated.  It can also help combat dehydration from the extra alcohol that seems to flow more freely when you are on holiday.  Drinking water can also help to fill you up and last but not least stop you getting constipated, which when you are on holiday can be a nightmare! Especially if you’re in a tent!

One of the biggest dangers of holidays is that we relax but relaxing in our efforts to get into smaller clothes can sometimes have disastrous results, in fact some members still haven’t recovered from the Christmas holiday.  Staying in control is not about spoiling your holiday but it is about not spoiling all your hard work.

One of the most important tools to pack on your holiday is a Positive Mindset and Focus, it’s worth considering making a commitment to yourself and your weight loss for the holidays. To do the best you can whilst away, to not undo ALL of your hard work as you’ll want to look and feel your best all year.

But remember if your intentions are to gain a couple of lbs don’t think that means anything goes (into your mouth) because if you do that then you stand a good chance of it not being just a couple of lbs. Stay in control of those extras and remind yourself why you began this journey and what you’d like to achieve. However much damage you do while you’re away CAN always be undone, so don’t put off drawing the line.

Travel broadens the mind; food will only broaden your behind

So make sure the only excess baggage you return with is packed in your suitcase!

To travel is to take a journey into yourself


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