3 Lions

Well its Euro 2020 time, a year late due to COVID-19, but it is happening this year not unlike how so many of us have put our healthy eating efforts on the back burner for a year.

3 Lions is the insignia for the England football team as it represents a standard that used to be carried into war to inspire the troops to win

Has it’s own 3 Lions too!

Food –

  • Healthy choices
  • Portions sizes

Activity –

  • Being active is a big part of being healthy and it doesn’t matter if you want to jog or just put more effort into cleaning the house – it can be any activity that increases your heart rate so give your chosen activity some extra effort and you will reap the rewards, and not just on the scales

Mindset –

  • Don’t focus on how far you have to go focus on the now.
  • Build you journey into small realistic achievable steps
  • Basically turn a negative into a positive

Food/activity/mindset your 3 lions. You don’t need all 3 to get a result. But when you do use all 3 that’s when you get the best result.

Which is the most important? – Mindset!!!!!! As long as you believe you can you will succeed.

Photo by Tom Fisk on Pexels.com

So how can football relate to losing weight?  Well I’m about to tell you.

So let’s start with the basics. What do you need to play a game of football?

Team (that’s you), coach (that’s ), Referee (the scales), Lines people (the meeting helpers), Pitch to play on (your weekly Meetings) the appropriate clothing (the lightest clothes you have) and of course a ball.

But will any ball do? Can I play football with a tennis ball?  Yes, if I’m only mucking about, but if I want a good result then only a proper football will do and as we all know there are hundreds of ways to loose weight out there but if you want a good result the most important thing is the belief that I can get a good result and that’s where the weekly support and motivation from your meeting will make all the difference.

In order to play a game of football there are always rules.

In football you are penalised when you break the rules when you are offside, you make an unfair tackle, or you handle the ball, obstruct other players etc.

And in our game we also have rules for winning, if your eating is not healthy and balanced, you are not active enough, you don’t drink enough fluids and you don’t believe in your ability to get where you want to be then the referee (which is the scales) will penalise you.

Can you imagine how much pressure the England team is under, would they just be able to just turn up on the day and be successful? No it can take years of training, years of turning up for every practise session, do you think they always feel like turning up? Would it be good enough if they get a fellow player to tell the manager that they couldn’t come? And if they don’t turn up then they are fined.   Why? If you want to be successful then you have to make the commitment to attend every training session good or bad, rain or shine just like our meetings. 

If England lose in Euro 2020, are they failures?  Will they walk away and say that’s it I’m not playing football anymore?  Or will they go back into training so that the next time it might be a different story?

And that’s like us when the referee (the scales) say we have a weight gain, whether we deserved it or not their decision is final because you can’t argue with the referee. 

But unlike the England football team we haven’t got to wait another 4 years before we try again, we can start again now!

The ultimate object of playing football is to win and score a goal, but sometimes a draw is good enough – particularly when it’s been a tough game. Remember there is no shame in not winning as long as you use the experience and learn from it.

The England football team wouldn’t be as successful if instead of wearing football boots they wore slippers? They need special footwear to help them get a better grip and thereby gain an advantage, that’s like those of you who keep a food diary because you then have greater control.

Not every footballer has a flair for the game but they do enjoy playing the game and just plod on working hard being part of a team till they get the result they want. That’s like the majority of us we plod on working hard hopefully enjoying our food choices, being part of a team until we get the result we want.

I’m sure you would all agree that Beckham had a flair for the game, but even he needed special football boots, because of the weakness in his foot. We all have weaknesses too, that’s what your substitutes are for – if you have the weakness of a a sweet tooth then there are millions on products that are out there in the market that are low fat/low sugar/low calorie options that you can use to help your weakness.

When someone scores a goal at a football match, do they then just walk off the pitch, have they done enough, do they stop being a member of the team?  No they share their experience and encourage other members of the team to score. 

Supporters are often called the 12th man as they can celebrate with you, and show their support when things are not going as planned. the members in your meeting can also make you feel amazing in a way people without a weight problem do not understand and they can lift you up and help you to get over those stupid things we do from time to time.

But never forget who and what you are playing the game for, and even if you fail this time the team and the supporters will be there for you next time and with ongoing training and commitment hopefully you won’t make the same mistakes next time. So whatever you’re doing this week, play the game, stay onside, follow the rules, keep track on your score sheet, and from 21st June attend your in person weekly training sessions, and together we’ll achieve a result.

Talent without working hard is nothing.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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