Throughout the summer it’s so easy to find your weight loss grinding to a halt, and you may feel that you are the only failure in town.

Many people find that the first few weeks of weight loss come easily, and then the loss starts to slow, only to reach a plateau. Frustrating as this can be, it’s a classic pattern.

Let’s have a look at some plateau busting strategies..

But just remember very few plateaus are real ones, they are usually because we are not making the same healthy choices. Quite often as we move further away from how we felt when we began this journey, our focus begins to fade and old habits and behaviours can start to creep in.

Is your weight loss at a standstill?

  • Yes –  Are you being completely honest about your choices? Have you subtly shifted the balance of the foods you are eating?

So here we go – A few simple questions to consider

Are you keeping an accurate food diary?

  • No/Don’t know   – Its time to fill in a food diary each week!  Studies have shown people who don’t record their food intake underguestimate what they have eaten by up to 40%!!

Do you honestly know the cost of all the foods you are choosing?

  • No – if you want the results you have to make some choices, you need to take responsibility for your actions. don’t forget it’s the little bits and bobs that can catch us unaware and stop our success and when times are tough why not get out one of your previous food diaries, where you already know the cost and you also know what result it gave you.

Are you in control of your portion sizes?

  • No   – Only really one solution – weigh and measure it, over time portion sizes grow particularly on favourite foods this has only one effect slowing down your weight loss. Remember it’s not just your scales, it’s also your measuring spoons and oil sprayers etc it’s impossible to be accurate with what you are counting if you are not in control of your portion sizes. Yes

Are you getting active?

  • No – activity is an effective plateau breaker and will improve your mood, motivation and commitment to your weight loss goals and not forgetting the effect it has on helping to redefine your shape – it’s not always about what the scales say, sometimes the tape measure is the way to go

Are you are accurately estimating the intensity and the length of time you are exercising for?

  • No/Don’t know – Activity monitors take the guesswork away but try not to see doing more activity as an opportunity to consume more food! 

To earn the calories for a mars bar you would have to exercise over 2 hours at a moderate intensity if you weighed 12 stone and god help you if you weigh 10 stone or less.  In fact it would be so daunting that you would just eat it and have it as the start of a bad week.

That’s why there are so many low calorie snacks to give you the treats savoury or sweet for less than the full calorie versions with no guilt.

At the end of the day a plateau can happen for many reasons, but your frame of mind is crucial as you need to stay committed no matter what.

Don’t give up continue your journey no matter what and you will succeed.

Just because you fail once, doesn’t mean you’re gonna fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on, and always, always, always believe in yourself, because if you don’t, then who will, sweeetie?

Marilyn monroe

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