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Because our summers are so unpredictable sometimes just eating and doing things we associate with the summer can bring the season to life. The beauty of healthy eating is that there is nothing that we can’t but there are always going to be some healthier choices we could make.

So this weekend you are going on a picnic, does it affect which foods you choose depending on the company? Adult or children?

Typically here’s a selection of things we might take, sandwiches, salad, fizzy pop/alcohol, cake?

  • Would it affect your choices if you knew what the calories were? 
  • Would it make a difference if you thought about what you could take that was healthier?
  • Would it make a difference if it was impromptu or planned? 

There will usually be the opportunity for walking and ball games, so how will you know how much activity you’ve done if you aren’t using a pedometer or activity app?

So when it comes to a picnic does it have to be large bread rolls, crisps and cake? If you were thinking about making it a more healthy picnic what could you take instead of cobs? A large mixed salad, maybe a rice/pasta salad one coronation chicken? Prawn? Smoked mackerel?

During the summer one of the most frequent reasons/excuses for people not losing weight is that they’ve had a picnic, been out for the day, entertained etc etc.

So what do you think IS the reason for the lack of success on the scales really, as in fact actually none of them is a the reason for not doing well, the reason is not making better choices! It would be better if we included more low calorie items flavoured water instead of fizzy pop may be?

Could it be you started off with good intentions but alcohol has loosened your inhibitions and your ability to say no? Could you be the driver?

Or is that because we don’t often do things like this that you are going to damn well have what you want and enjoy it

But will you really enjoy it when you stand on the scales next week?

Whatever your choices good/bad/ugly to stand a chance of feeling successful we need a strategy for success otherwise it will go pear shaped and the consequences of that is so does our shape.

1st You need to know what you are spending. So you can plan your budget.

2nd You need to eat healthily during the day that means having at least 2 other healthy meals. OK maybe not using as many calories as you would normally, so look for foods that are filling and low calorie, but you are going out for a picnic and by balancing your days eating you will be able to have more at your picnic without it causing you to fall off the wagon.

3rd Make a point of using your food diary so you can keep track of your food intake, remember if you go a little wild, keep writing and don’t throw away a whole week for 1 slip up!

4th Try increasing your activity, there’s always that option to help balance the books and can it be done over the week pedometers/activity apps take away the guesswork.

5th enjoy it

6th get back on track straight away the following day no matter what

7th don’t miss your meeting as this is where you will get the support, inspiration, advice and friendship to keep you focused or get you back on track if needed

Last week someone mentioned that 3 Pimms and diet lemonade or 4 glasses of Gin and Diet Tonic is about the same calories as 2 large glasses of Wine, and she felt it was a better choice for her because it looked like she was still partying when in actual fact she felt she was in control, but she wouldn’t have been if it had been 2 large glasses of wine (and the rest) !!! Its not about not having, its making the best choice for you and getting the results and success you want.

Good food is very often, even most often, simple food

Anthony Bourdain

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