Hell’s Kitchen???

Changing lifestyles mean that we are spending more and more time in our kitchen. They are becoming the new center of our houses. Especially true during the pandemic.

The constant presence of food can challenge our self control. It’s all too easy to mindlessly grab a biscuit or pour another glass of wine as we cook.

Where we place food and how we organise our kitchen could be having a negative impact on our weight loss journey just as our wardrobes can too. Keep an eye out for our blog “What’s in Yours” coming soon.

If it’s all too easy to reach for treats or if there is no fresh fruit or vegetables available for healthier cooking, we are not setting ourselves up for success. How often does our fridge end up looking like this following a bit of a rampage!!!

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

Today we are going to examine what’s not only in your kitchen, but where it is and identify what is helping you and what is sabotaging your weight loss and in fact turning it into hell’s kitchen.

Consider where you keep your fruit? So what happens in your kitchen, when there isn’t any fruit in the bowl/fridge? What do you grab next? If it’s biscuits – where is the biscuit tin and which biscuits are in it, your favourites??? What impact does that have on your motivation?

What happens if your kitchen scales are hidden away in the cupboard? Do you get them out each time you cook? Or does that lead to guesstimating your portion sizes? What impact do you think guessing on a daily basis may be having on your daily food intake?

Another hot spot can be how we cook, so making sure we are cooking in a healthier way again can also have a huge impact on our success.

Look at the things you always use,

  • Is it time to rethink?
  • Are they helping or hindering your progress?

I adore fresh bread, so the one item I know I couldn’t purchase is a Bread Maker, I know my devil and wouldn’t cope with smelling it and not indulging – However as i said I know my devil and I’m choosing not to wear it!!

Oil/salad dressing sprayers are a great way of reducing calories, but it needn’t cost the earth, the little travel bottle sets work just as effectively and you can put the amounts in you wish as well as adding in some of your favourite flavours e.g. garlic/rosemary.

If we do not have the right foods/utensils to hand then how can we expect to have good results?

All healthy guidelines recommend that we eat five portions of fruit or vegetables a day. If these are not in our kitchens/to hand how likely is it that we will! Remember they don’t have to be fresh they could be frozen or tinned.

If you were to make one change at home in the kitchen that would support your healthier eating regime, what would that be?

Research has shown many people spend more time in their kitchen nowadays so unless they are prepared to sort out their ‘hotspots’ they probably won’t get positive results.

Just one or two small changes can have a massive impact on our weekly results and weighing ingredients or controlling the cooking oil can pay dividends.

To practice healthier cooking we need to have the right ingredients in the kitchen which brings us to the importance of planning and a shopping list! And not forgetting the right utensils for the job e.g. you can’t pour a teaspoon of oil into the pan without using a measuring spoon.

When we make these healthier cooking choices remember It’s worth doing and not only will you notice a difference when you stand on the scales you will also feel better and research shows people live longer when they do.



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