Back to School!

The children throughout the country have now gone back to school. Can you remember your first day at school? How scary was that first day, I remember being terrified, looking for a friendly or familiar face.

Most of us were feeling scared, excited, apprehensive, just like new members walking into their very first meeting.

On our first day at school we were armed with a nice new kit –  new school uniform, pens, pencils, exercise books, gym kit etc. It mattered then because we wanted to fit in and be the same as everyone else, quite similar here, only there are no strangers here, only friends we’ve yet to meet.

It’s the same when it comes to losing weight – if you are serious you will need your kit so that you can be successful in your chosen subject and becoming the very best version of you possible.

When we attended school we were expected to attend school 5 days a week and for a whole day – not just registration!! and for many years as the learning we were doing was to last us a lifetime, and couldn’t be rushed!

In just the same way we are trying to undo a lifetime of unhelpful, unhealthy habits, behaviors and thoughts, so simply coming to be weighed is not how you will learn new habits, strategies and behaviours! You NEED to stay for the meeting.

On the first day of a new school term we all got our timetable telling us what subjects we would be taking – and there were always some subjects we didn’t like but we couldn’t cop-out just because we didn’t like them.

This was so we got an all rounded education so that we achieved success in our exams and were prepared for life!

We have our subjects here and we might not like them all but you can’t cop-out if you want success.

We have:-

  • Science – understanding basic nutrition, what essential nutrients your body requires, what healthy eating looks like and what it doesn’t! How using the correct balance of foods can impact your success.
  • Maths – knowing your limits and the best balance of food to achieve both a healthier you and a weight loss.
  • Domestic science –   Cooking and trying new healthier recipes using real foods with help from your essential kitchen equipment – Kitchen scales, oils sprayers and measuring spoons even things like a slow cooker or soup maker.
  • IT – Using the website and our Facebook Page and group
  • English – Writing in your food diary,
  • Foreign Languages – Often spoken by those who fail to comprehend simple words like NO THANK YOU!
  • Geography – Realising there is more than one way to get to where you want to go.
  • History – We all learn from experience – your weekly food diary is your own history book and we can always use it to look back and learn
  • PE – might not be your favourite subject but we need to be more active using your activity monitor is the easy way to check you are, but you do need to find something you enjoy.  I hated gym in school but loved netball
  • RE – just praying for it won’t work – but hard work, learning and applying yourself to each subject will get you the success you crave.
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Losing weight is as easy as ABC
Attend Weekly
Believe Totally
Change Forever!

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