Last Straw?

There comes a time in our life when we decide that enough is enough regarding our weight. That moment or ‘last straw’ is the moment we decide to take action and do battle with our shape and size and tackle those unhealthy habits.

The ‘last straw’ is personal to each of us, it could be:-

  • Getting caught unawares in a photograph
  • A change in the weather leading to frustration trying to find appropriate clothes, or only having the choice of the clothes that still fit!
  • A health scare either by choice or a visit to the G.P.
  • Or simply the realisation that if we continue on the path we’re on will lead to disaster.
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Most of us want to lose weight, maintain weight or get healthier. But there tends to be a defining moment that makes you decide to act. And those reasons are personal to each and every one of us. But whatever the reason why it became so important is the biggest motivator there is to keep going.

Remember if it mattered enough to begin your journey, it should matter enough to continue. Setbacks are normal they are part of the journey, we are human and we make mistakes learning how to accept them and not let them destroy our progress is one of the many skills our meetings at will help you to acquire.

Even when you have a setback remembering why you started this journey can help you to focus and get back on track. Remember they are only setbacks and a more positive way of looking at them is as learning curves but if you let them defeat you that is when we are more likely to fall off the healthy eating wagon and give up completely. Setbacks are valuable lessons where we learn for ourselves what does and what doesn’t work for us so in actual fact they are good for us.

The reason you began this journey is what matters to you – what keeps you going – both on your journey and in life overall so never forget it. To help your motivation why not cut a piece of straw and keep it in your purse/wallet, then every time you go to make an unwise purchase it’s there reminding you of your ‘last straw’

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Success is 10% ability and 90% perseverance



2 thoughts on “Last Straw?

  1. My moment came in a photograph that was taken on a holiday in Mexico in November 2012 , I looked horrendous and was really upset and decided then and there I was going to do something about it. I had been overweight for most of my life and had been to WW several times only to put on the weight I had lost. I had decided that at 30, 40 and 50 I didn’t want to be overweight and here I was nearly 60 and still overweight! I joined WW in January 2013 and with Jackie Leech’s help and support and a lot of willpower I got to Gold in six months and have now maintained that weight for eight years. That was the easy part, maintaining your weight is not easy but our meetings have played an enormous part and I am a little obsessive at times! My wardrobe still contains some of my old clothes which I try on every now and then but I am happy to say that the majority are now a size 10 something I am very proud of.

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