Why do diets fail?

Most of the media is aimed at trying to stop people thinking diet, and it certainly raises the issue of why? Could it be that we have had so many years of ‘dieting’ and not succeeding long term that we have become disengaged and disenchanted?

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Could it be the negative associations we have to ‘dieting’?

  • Going without food we enjoy?
  • Freely eating foods we’re not that keen on?
  • Fixating on food constantly worrying about if it fits in your day, or your eating allowance
  • Not being being to enjoy normal family life where you all eat together
  • Never being able to eat out, celebrate, or go on holiday.
  • Thinking of it as a punishment that we have to suffer because we got overweight

All of these then gives you the feelings of guilt, failure, low self esteem and worthlessness and you often end up eating all the foods you’ve been avoiding to excess as a punishment. Thereby beginning the whole process again!

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Instead of looking towards a diet to provide the answers, maybe we should look to ourselves? Adjust our expectations to enable us to make better choices, think compromise rather than I can’t.

We could all achieve a slightly healthier balance simply by looking at what is on your plate, for example 1 less roast potato 2 more brussel sprouts! An open sandwich to eat with a knife and fork, rather than 2 slices and a bag of crisps!

Looking at compromises we could make to our favourite meals, maybe using less fat by using an oil sprayer and using it to make wedges, stir fry’s etc.

Simple changes over time will significantly reduce your calorie intake resulting in a healthier and lighter you.

Committing to more activity on a regular basis as opposed to if and when, depending on how you feel, or the weather!

Being successful at losing weight and becoming healthier is in your hands, giving control and responsibility to others doesn’t work long term.

You are the driver on this journey, not the passenger!

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There will always be a new magic diet to follow that promises the world, but actually the magic is in YOU deciding enough is enough and changing your behaviour and mindset.

It’s no surprise that ‘diets’ don’t work long term, as we tend to only think of them as a short term commitment and if we never learn how to discover tactics and strategies to change the behaviours that cause our weight problem – nothing will ever change long term!

If it is to be, it’s up to me


3 thoughts on “Why do diets fail?

  1. This is so true. If I deny myself most of the time I’m not satisfied and still end up eating the food I really wanted and then feel like a failure. I’d rather have what I like/fancy in moderation than not at all

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  2. This really resonates with me. Since joining SLIM I feel like I am totally in charge of my weight loss. Of course I would like a magic wand or quick fix but I feel that now I am not counting anything I can just make simple choices and compromises which will stay with me for ever. This time I am getting it off but more importantly keeping it off


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