Ripple Effect…

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Spend a few minutes considering what are your favourite family friendly meals… How did you discover them, are they passed down from your relatives, or are they from a tried and trusted cookbook? Have you tweaked the recipes slightly to suit everyone’s taste? I know I do all the time! There are so many healthy cookbooks out there and online if you’re struggling for ideas. Simply switching double cream to single will make a difference to the calories without changing the taste, or even yoghurt! Using less oil/butter will too.

There are many benefits to having family friendly meals, less preparing, less cost, less temptation and less stress!! Also when it comes to eating together as a family it’s helpful to know the changes you are making will also benefit the health of those we love too.

There are so many subtle changes that you can make to affect the healthy balance so that everyone wins! Its not overhauling every meal, it’s changing the bits you can towards a healthier more balanced meals for all. This is called the ripple effect….

It’s now a known fact that when you decide to change your lifestyle to become healthier it’s not just you who reaps the rewards there is a ripple effect that means your family benefits too! And how wonderful is that!!

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One small change over time can have an enormous impact not just on you, but also on those who matter most to us.

Also the ripple effect can extend to friends and even work colleagues who want to know your secret because they have seen the change in you, the increased confidence the increased energy, the increasing enthusiasm for life, the increased self esteem and obviously the lighter, happier and healthier you!

Remember working on small changes and being successful builds your confidence which then enables you to have the strength to be able to tackle the bigger and maybe even more complex changes that will ultimately give even bigger results.

So what could be your small change this week?

The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


4 thoughts on “Ripple Effect…

  1. I’m always adapting recipes to make them healthier it’s really easy if you just take the time to think about it. Using low fat versions of cream and yoghurt make no difference to the taste but hugely affect the calories. Definitely worth thinking about

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