Choice OR Chance?

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It must be said for us all that sometimes on life’s journey it may feel as if we are treading water, just getting through it with little or no choice in our life. It made me consider what the main differences are between choice and chance, or in other words what we have control over and what we do not.

Choice, not chance , determines your destiny


Let’s begin with the weather – absolutely no control whatsoever – what we can choose is should we dress appropriately? Be prepared? Make alternative plans?

The current economic situation – How much influence do you have on it? Can you change it? If you can then choose to pursue it, if not accept and deal with the things you can. If you find you’re watching too much T.V you can switch it off, Finding the news depressing? Turn over the channel. In short, you do you!

Your job – how did you get your job? Applied for it? What about it appealed to you? Does it still? Obviously if you love it mostly, there’s no reason to move on, but if not, it’s your choice to stay or not.

So let’s bring it nearer to home your home – Who decides on the decor? Furniture? Colour scheme? Where it goes in the home?

Your clothes – Who picks your clothes? Who sorts your wardrobe? Who decides what you’re wearing each day?

Your meals – Who shops? Who makes the list? Who prepares and cooks them? Who decides what meals you’re having each day?

When you break it down you are far more in control than you believe. Instead of getting lost in the things you can’t control, focus more on the things you can!!

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Life is not a game of chance, it’s making choices some good, some not, focusing on the things you CAN control will build your confidence and self esteem and that’s got to be better!

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Reinhold niebuhr

2 thoughts on “Choice OR Chance?

  1. I choose what I have for my main meal every day because I like spicy food and my husband doesn’t so he chooses his own. It’s more difficult when you’re out. Of course you do have a choice in a restaurant but sometimes it’s hard to resist choosing something highly calorific if it’s something you really like and you don’t have it very often. I suppose once in a while is OK but you have to choose to make sure it is only once in a while!

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