Summer bodies are made in winter….

If these are the only items that fit from last year, now is the time to begin to shape the body you desire as summer bodies are made in winter! Our bodies have been buried under layers of jumpers, trackie’s and warm coats, and come the spring and summer we will all be peeling off the layers. If you are dreading those long, hot, sweaty, uncomfortable days then it’s time to get cracking!!

All to often we postpone dealing with a weight issue until the weather improves, but actually now is the ideal time to begin your changing shape then throwing off those winter clothes will be a pleasure not a dread.

Sadly most of us leave it too late to make a significant difference, which is usually why we give up even trying and that’s another year wasted!

When you are focusing on creating a healthier and happier you it shouldn’t have a time scale, it’s as long as it takes as actually your rate of your success is in your hands, what changes ARE you prepared to make? You can do more activity in the privacy of your own home which will change your shape, changing the comfort foods to healthy and satisfying ones will change your weight, and give you more energy, increase your confidence and self esteem too!

Becoming healthier and happier by eating more wisely, changing behaviours, learning new strategies will all help not just this summer holiday, but every summer yet to come. Think about how fantastic it will be to not ever have to ‘diet’ again!

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Since we have opened our face to face meetings and had our regular weekly meetings, as mentors, we have been amazed at how well our members have coped with Christmas (in fact the average weight gain was less than 3lbs, and that was half the normal gain!)

Members have been on holiday, all inclusive, self catering, half board and the majority have coped considerably better than ever before, and that is down to those skills they have learned and are using as if they always had them.

Control is an incredibly powerful feeling. When you feel you are choosing a healthier way way to live, that includes all the events we used to use as an opportunity to eat everything that moves. Being more mindful focuses us on the knowledge we could still do that, but sadly we will wear it and feel miserable, and ultimately will need to be very focused to get it off! We have had years of this vicious cycle and now it’s time to stop!

Have pride in how far you have come.

Have faith in how far you can go.

krysten bishope

3 thoughts on “Summer bodies are made in winter….

  1. All positive thoughts. Holidays outings,bbqs,family events. Time to switch from winter foods to summer, already thinking and planning.

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  2. Looking forward to those lovely spring come summer month. Already started making those changes and have noticed through exercise and making the right choices in food.

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  3. As harsh as it sounds, it always amuses me around this time of year when you see new faces at the gym trying to get their summer bodies. If only they knew haha


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