To Toss…. Or Not To Toss??

So are you a tosser??? ( pancakes of course) Can you include pancakes and still lose weight/eat healthily?

Of course the answer has got to be yes!! However if you’re thinking of having 6 -10 pancakes, then maybe a rethink is needed. There a few important things to keep in mind, why do I want them? Will they help me on my journey? What am I prepared to compromise on to allow me to enjoy them? What toppings will I have on them? Which meal am I having them at?

A dessert such as pancakes should always be a small portion that follows a satisfying, filling and healthy meal. If you have enjoyed your main course it will be easier to limit the amount of pancakes you have, bearing in mind the basic ingredients of pancakes are simply;

  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Plain Flour

The milk can be skimmed, it makes no difference to the finished pancakes and loads of activity whisking them all together by hand!


  • Sugar
  • Fresh lemon or orange juice
  • Nutella
  • Choc shot
  • Cream and fruit
  • Banana

So thinking about your favourite toppings, how can you achieve the same great taste, but use less calories? The Nutella, Choc Shot and Sugar can all be measured using measuring spoons, also warm the 1st two up and they will go further. Sugar – try Icing sugar and a sieve, you’ll use less thereby saving calories, but no compromise on sweetness. Cream – try 5% fat thick yoghurt, add in your fruit and use Icing sugar sieved to sweeten ( I use frozen black cherries and 1/2 teaspoon of black cherry flavoured icing sugar in mine) You could also use single cream and as before use measuring spoons to be more accurate and drizzle over the top. Try not rolling them just serving them with the mixture piled on top, it will look more and take longer to eat.

Photo by Monserrat Soldu00fa on

The focus here is sweet pancakes, but there are lots of ways we can use them in savoury meals too, minced beef, chicken and mushroom, ham, there so many ways to enjoy pancakes, sweet and savoury, so why wait for pancake day!!

Your diet is a bank account.

Good food choices are good investments.


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