Just a coffee???

When I was younger, not so many years ago, if someone suggested meeting up for a coffee it meant you either went to their house, or they came to yours. It wasn’t a frothy coffee, a cappuccino, an americano, latte, mocha etc, it was a teaspoon of instant coffee in a cup with boiling water milk & sugar if you wanted it. Sometimes they offered a few biscuits, but not always. There was not the availability of places you could go, now there seems to be a surplus of them offering every variation possible and of course an amazing laden display of cakes and pastries to tempt you while you’re queuing in a mile long queue!!

Photo by Vo Thuy Tien on Pexels.com

Any person with a weight problem would find it challenging to resist such a tempting array! Also as well as the calorie laden eatables, there’s the calorie laden drinkables! Many of which contain equally as many, and sometimes more calories than the cake!! (A Hot Chocolate medio has 378 cals) a slice of tiffin??? that’s 402 calories. Every single coffee shop will provide nutritional information for all of the range they provide, so if you regularly do go for coffee know your poison. Also if YOU have decided either to have or not have a cake, don’t be persuaded by another to change your decision. It is up to you, don’t be coerced by anyone trying to make .you feel guilty for the choice you make.

The key is knowledge, if you are prepared to incorporate this routine without changing it, no worries, if you want to change it then look at the time you go for coffee, is it nearer breakfast or lunch?Eat before you go could be an option. Ultimately it is in your hands, your choice.

It was only a cup of coffee I hear you say

Forgetting the cake and biscuits you had along the way

And when you repeat this every day

It will all add up when you go to weigh!

sonya and jackie

14 thoughts on “Just a coffee???

  1. I always choose Americano with milk and avoid the cakes and biscuits. Also, if meeting a friend in town I avoid Costa at all costs and prefer to use a locally owned cafe. We do have plenty of them in Ashby.

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  2. It’s harder when I’m in the office as a Costa delivery is only a few taps away on Just Eat, but it’s just not worth it for 1 person. I tend to have it made with skimmed milk. If I’m at home I tend to have black coffee, especially Beanies coffee

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