Do you know where you’re going to??

When it comes to setting goals, knowing what outcome we want to achieve in the long-term (like losing two stone or winning a race) gives us a place to start, but doesn’t show us how to get there.

When we focus solely on the outcome, we might take an “at any cost” approach to reaching it, making it unlikely that we will attempt to build healthy habits that last for the long run. 

Setting behavioural goals focused on what you want to ​do increases the likelihood you’ll be successful today – and over time – to reach the outcomes you want! 

Each week take time out for you to look ahead and create a weekly goal, not just in your head, but written down so you can refer to it and keep it in the forefront of your mind (we all know what happens if its only in our head!!)

It’s not just committing to paper, it’s also having a plan to achieve it, so maybe I will do a 10 minute walk every other day (be specific), rather than I’ll do more activity. Or as in the picture below, my dream is to climb that mountain one day, that might never happen, but having a plan to build up to more steps could bring the dream nearer.

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And by focusing on what we could get we are less likely to be sitting there thinking about eating something we know will be taking us further away.

It is important to have a destination on your journey, be realistic – are the changes you are prepared to make to your food and lifestyle going to be drastic? Or moderate? Your results will reflect the changes you’re making. It can be easier to aim short term eg; If Easter /your holidays/ birthday is 20 weeks away aim for 1 stone, if you’re lighter WOOHOO you can always lose more.

Remember if you have no idea where you’re heading it’s likely you won’t get there!!

A dream without a plan is just a wish

Katherine paterson

13 thoughts on “Do you know where you’re going to??

  1. It is important to plan your meals ahead when you’re trying to lose weight otherwise you can end up eating whatever happens to be to hand.

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  2. With me it’s getting into my dancing dresses I tried a few on on Saturday as we were going dancing not quite yet probably need to lose another 7 or 8 lbs to get into a couple of them so that is me aim over the next few weeks.

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  3. Likewise. For me it’s getting into the size 12 summer clothes that I haven’t worn for the last 2 years. They are now out of the loft, washed and ironed and ready to go…yes they fit!!!!

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  4. This is so true, I find setting myself weekly goals helps make it real and realistic, and whilst the end goal is in sight, taking it one step at a time, changing one habit at a time is definitely helping my journey.

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  5. So true! I know I’m never going to be one of those people who lose big every week, but even a change of mindset is a positive and I try to think about non-scale victories to help me along the way – this week it’s getting back to a little bit of exercise

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  6. So true in every way. It’s so easy to get distracted and wander off track whether it’s due to stress, illness or loss. Need to try keep the mindset in check

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  7. Planning your route is all very well by all journeys are apt to have detours and changes when life gets in the way but the destination remains the same. Might take longer to get there! Focus

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  8. I’m not always the best at focusing each week but staying fot the meetings definitely helps me keep on track.


  9. Love this. I tend to just focus on the end destination and then get down when I deviate in any way. I am going to come up with non-weight goals and write them in my journal right now!


  10. I do have an ideal goal I would like to get to, but if I think solely on that, it does get very daunting, so I like to focus on the next half stone. It also helps that I have a Notch band, sono buy myself a new Notch for every half a stone got rid of


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