You’re in the driver’s seat!!!

One of the most asked questions we have in our meetings is, how quickly can I lose weight each week? In all honesty it really is how long is a piece of string??

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If your weight loss journey is to be compared to a trip you would undertake in a car or on a bike many factors need to be taken into consideration e.g.;

  • Where is your destination?
  • Estimated distance?
  • Traffic conditions?
  • Route you’re planning on taking?
  • Estimated journey time?
  • Planned stops?
  • Is it a solo trip or with others?
  • Fuel requirements?
  • Car Maintenace eg Tyres, Oil, Water, Windscreen wipers etc.
  • Refreshments for the journey?

How many of them can you compare to your weight loss journey? Looking at them I think most of them.

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If you are the driver on your weight loss journey, then you can determine how fast or how slow you wish to go. When we ask in the meetings, what foods/behaviours cause you a weight problem every single person knows EXACTLY what they are. If you are serious about being on this journey and reaching your destination then you also know that long term change comes from being persistent, being patient and planning.

The majority of you start your journey with great intentions and achieve great results. Then slowly but surely, those old habits begin to creep back in, the weight loss slows and so does your motivation. One of the reasons we advise members to record their food is that also over time it’s worth looking back and comparing then and now. Odds are they are very different and there lies the difference! To speed back up revert back to what worked then.

The main reason we do not offer a set diet is that you know you better than we do! You know the foods you need to either compromise on or remove for now. You know the times you snack and on what, if you want to change the result, you need to rethink both the behaviour and the food you are choosing. Often when you give the responsibility of the journey to others e.g. “I couldn’t follow your diet this week!” then it can be so easy to fall off the weight loss wagon, but its not my fault its the fault of the diet plan! This is healthy eating – you can always make better choices, before and after!

YOU are the driver, you are in control, and just because you hit a few traffic jams doesn’t mean you abandon the journey. You accept the delay, settle back and be patient. You will still get to your destination – because it’s where you want to be!!! Exactly the same on your weight loss journey!!

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

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10 thoughts on “You’re in the driver’s seat!!!

  1. Love this. And it can be oh so true. I have to admit during covid I was trying my best to stay focused but as the blog says old habits crept in. Then I was trying to find ways to get back in control and this year I found my sparkle and have refocused on what’s important for me. Anyone who is struggling at the moment don’t give up you will get there 😊

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      1. This is so true and the more your head is in the right place the quicker your journey mine is a good on some days and not so good on others but as long as you attend the meeting each week it will always keep you in the right lane and not on the hard shoulder

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  2. Very true, we all know how to eat healthily and also what foods we enjoy and so we are in the best position to design our own plan and by doing that can defy how long we want our journey to take. I personally think it’s essential to be realistic when setting your targets.
    Because disappointment can lead to going off track because you might feel you’ve failed.

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  3. You can’t fall off the wagon when you aren’t in one in the first place. Love that SLIM doesn’t restrict me, it let’s me be in control and drive my own journey 🙂

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