Evening Meal

The Evening meal conjures up the image of a perfect the mealtime that the whole family comes together to chat and relax together whilst enjoying a tasty meal. Or maybe the evening meal is for 1 and the thought of creating a gourmet meal is amazing!! The reality may look very different!! Your family are possibly all fussy eaters so you have had to juggle assorted meals to suit them all. A meal for 1, may seem pointless and a waste of time so a quick sandwich will do!!! Or even ‘tap the app’ and have it delivered to your door!

Photo by Shawkat Galib on Pexels.com
Photo by Danika Adderley on Pexels.com

We are all different and that’s why there needs to be different strategies and tactics that can offer solutions that can easily be adapted to suit both lifestyle and needs.

Sadly a sandwich, while it may be quick, often isn’t satisfying or filling, and the accompaniment’s also tend to be both high fat and processed usually crisps! That could also lead to unwise snacking later in the evening, and again typically high fat, high carb and high calorie!

You could try an open sandwich piled high with a healthy balance of protein and salad vegetables and use a knife and fork – remember it takes 20 minuets for our stomach to tell your brain it’s been fed! Perfect for a lunch, might be a little skimpy for your main meal though!

The evening meal for many is the main meal of the day, and as such it’s when the majority of your calories are spent, so if the thought of cooking it yourself is hindering your progress, why not buy it ready-made?? There are so many supermarkets that offer both fresh and frozen ready meals that won’t cost a fortune. The trick is to not choose ‘diet ones’ Odds are you won’t feel satisfied, mentally or physically. Choose wisely and then balance the remainder of your day to fit your healthy eating regime. You could also try the relatively new service of all the ingredients for your meals delivered to your door and there are usually introductory offers! While some may say it can be expensive, if it makes your journey easier and less stressful – why not have a try! It could also help with portion control and highlight if yours are a bit too generous.

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Actually, the real secret is to plan!!!! You can’t make better or wiser choices if they aren’t there to make! Think about what meals you DO want to be eating – even if they aren’t ‘diet’ meals, plan how you can make them healthier maybe just by using less oil, butter or cream or simply adding more vegetables to bulk the meal out.

An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing

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10 thoughts on “Evening Meal

  1. I love having my evening meal with my family, listening to the hustle and bustle of how there day has gone. Yes sometimes it can be stressful to know what to do but I’m always prepared and make sure that what I’m going to do is out ready/defrosting for when I prepare it later 😊

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  2. I’ve been trapped by covid this week and had a hectic week last week visiting a friend in hospital. So I have used M&S ready meals. Nice ones like cannelloni and lasagne and I’ve felt in control and satisfied

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  3. I actually hate preparing my evening meal . Absolutely impossible for the whole family to eat the same thing with fussy eaters so usually end up making more than one meal


  4. I try to balance the odd ready meal with a fully prepared meals and on the whole it works really well. This way we both eat the same thing and my husband does not think we are dieting as we have one slightly less retrictive meal a week.


  5. I look forward to evening meals as my main meal of the day. I have a proper breakfast and light lunch so by evening I’m really ready for it but I still stick to WW recipes because they are very nice. Mostly don’t take long to prepare and cook. I love spicy food which my husband doesn’t but he makes his own meals about five nights a week. That means I can have my WW Indian, Thai, Chinese and Moroccan meals.


  6. More often my main meal or evening meal is when hubby goes to work so it’s eaten around 3/3.30.pm. Which may sound odd but actually works quite well because then I find I don’t end up picking for the rest of the day. Even if I’m cooking for picky eaters,which isn’t very often because we all like our food to much, I’ll do a variation so we all eat the same. It’s finding the balance and what works for you.

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