An Apple a Day?

Ok so we all probably know the benefits of eating fruit, but just in case-

  • They are a fabulous source of vitamins and minerals including folate (vitamin B9), vitamin C and potassium.
  • They are a brilliant source of dietary fiber, which not only helps keep you full and satisfied but also has tremendous health benefits.
  • And lastly don’t forget if you chose a piece of fruit as a snack it is a much better choice than the high fat and sugar snack that you might normally chose.

Benefits of choosing seasonal fruits…

  • At their best nutrition wise
  • Cheapest
  • Taste better – let’s face it we know strawberries are available all year round nowadays but the taste so much better when they are actually in season and grown under normal conditions rather than force grown.

So what’s in season? Well during January and February

Sometimes though we can really get stuck in a rut with what have maybe more so during the winter months.

So if all you have in your fruit bowl are apples instead of just reaching for one and eating it and not really enjoying it, but giving yourself a pat on the back for having one of your 5-a-day, be more inventive with what you can do with an apple.

So why is this important?

I’ll tell you why – when we are bored with our food that is when we have a greater potential to fall off the wagon of making healthier choices.

Most people tend to eat their fruit as a healthier snack alternative but why not think about adding it to your meals

Why not try:-

  • Stewed apple with your pork chops or as a topping for pancakes, or with cinnamon added to your porridge for naturally added sweetness.
  • Chopped apple on your salad or added to your coleslaw
  • Add to soup with some ginger or even to your casseroles
  • Apple pie/turnovers made with wraps or thins or even in those stand up mini taco shells

There is so much we could be doing with our apples

I know an apple is an easy choice that takes no effort, is really portable and not messy but if you really want to be successful you have to consider that putting in some extra time and effort can make a big difference to your enjoyment and satisfaction of your food choice, which helps you to be in control, which in turn can give you even greater success.

Please share with us in the comments below any of your favourite recipes or ideas of how to make our apples that little bit more interesting, appealing and satisfying

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