Sick of being a Yo-Yo Dieter??

For many of us our whole life has been a constant battle with food and our association with it. We have eaten unwisely, hated how we’ve looked and felt, our self esteem and confidence is on the floor, our clothes don’t fit, struggling to walk, feeling miserable and ashamed.

I need to get a grip!!! A diet is what I need, and here I go again, so the vicious cycle begins – strict dieting with none of the foods I truly love, fabulous weight losses is what I’m expecting each week as I’m being ‘so good’ and to start with it is. However a few weeks down the line it’s slowed right up and now I’m lucky if I losing anything, maybe its stopped working????

I’m feeling disenchanted now, and I think I’ve done enough, I’ll have a little break from ‘dieting’ maybe I can go back to enjoying those foods I’ve been denied and so I do, sadly though my problems will return and I’l be back to ‘diet’ again!!

It’s time to re-think our strategy, would it be better instead of ‘dieting’ and going without to look at what we enjoy and why and factor it in to healthy eating!

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So if you look at the photo above what instantly draws your eye? Colour? Big portion? Balanced? Tasty? Filling? Healthy?

Actually I’d say most of these could apply, and if your main course was all of those, you’d be less likely to have an unplanned snack as you’ll be looking forward to this meal. then maybe follow it with a nice dessert possibly?? It appears that people who DO have a dessert are less likely to continue eating all evening as it serves as a full stop to their meal. That could be because you are both fuller and satisfied, or in your mind as in ‘I’ve had a treat’.

Whichever way it works it certainly does – might this be something you start to plan in? The guilt associated in eating unwisely is another huge hurdle to overcome, often it compounds any damage that may have been done. Reminding yourself that you CAN enjoy any foods and yes it may be that you’ll need to balance it out with something else, possibly more activity? or even looking at the balance of what you’ve eaten throughout your day. But it can be achieved, its simply a balance.

We need to be looking at what we could be having on our plate, looking at the balance of the types of food we’re eating, are we getting plenty of variety? Colours and textures? Are we guilty of being boring, same meals, same choices every day? Planning your eating not only helps your mind, it also lowers your food shopping bill, and that’s got to be a bonus and it also means less waste.

Being more active is another factor we should be working on if we’re serious about acquiring a new lifestyle, so make sure it’s something you can realistically do regularly and consistently It’s not a quick fix, nor a miracle, it’s time that builds the best results, so be patient and remember the lasting, long term benefit you will achieve.

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In the past our weightloss may have been a roller-coaster ride, if you’re fed up with being a yo-yo dieter, it’s accepting you may not have the fast weight losses, but you also won’t get the big gains, your journey will be smoother and less stressful as well as giving yourself time to learn techniques to help you change to healthier habits and behaviours for good!

When you start eating food without labels, you no longer need to count calories


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