With all that’s been going off in the sports world recently – Euro 2020, Wimbledon and coming soon the golf open “the balls in your court”

Quite topical at the moment is obviously football and then tennis – have you ever had a go?

Who loves it, who is sick of it?

There are many other team games that involve a ball……

Softball, rugby, volley ball, cricket, hockey, netball, polo, water polo, baseball, basket ball

Being part of a successful team can often motivate you to work harder so that you don’t feel you are the one that’s letting everybody else down. 

Another couple of games that are team like are ten pin bowling, crown green bowling, boules these differ slightly from a team game because although you are part of a team your individual score will matter.

Bit like coming to our meetings, because although you are focusing on becoming a healthier you – being part of a team can and does motivate you to being more successful as well as learning tips and strategies from others.

1 on 1 games.

  • Ping- pong – makes me think of those whose weight goes up and down like yo-yo’s
  • Golf – what or who is your biggest handicap? Ever felt like you’re stuck in the rough and that it’ll take forever to get to the 18th hole!
  • Squash – is that how you felt last year in the airplane seat, or is that what you do when you are trying to fit in those smaller clothes?  Or is it what you put in your water so that you will drink it?
  • Dog ball – who has a dog?  Do you take it for walkies?  Make sure you wear your activity monitors when you go but are they just for when you go out for a walk? Of course not, many of us do more activity in our daily life!

But there are loads of balls that don’t involve games.

  • Musket balls – how many times do you shoot yourself in the foot when it comes to losing weight?  Remember that’s what your meetings are for to kiss it better and give you the support so that you don’t do it again.
  • Moth balls – is it time to sort out the wardrobe and get rid of the larger clothes?  Or even bring out the smaller ones?
  • Ball point pen – essential equipment if you are going to lose weight this week because you will be using your food diary. We all know that recording our food brings success.
  • Eye ball – it’s impossible to eye up portion sizes just use your kitchen scales and take away the guesswork
  • Lottery balls – it’s not about luck but it is about commitment, persistence, perseverance and not giving up when the going gets tough, but ultimately getting to where you want to be is as exhilarating as a lottery win.
  • Crystal ball – can you predict the future?  I can!  I know if you start making those behavior changes, replace old unhealthy habits that don’t work, with new and you will lose weight.

So if at some point this week you feel like saying “balls” to it just remember this meeting.

Although the ball is in your court

When times get tough and really fraught

Remember the skills we teach you each week

Will help you achieve the success that you seek.

jackie and sonya

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