Today we’re going to have a virtual BBQ and you’re coming to my house

Welcome to my BBQ

Its 3 pm – You have just arrived, unfortunately I’m a little late getting organised and just setting up the BBQ when you arrive. No problem, what do you want to drink?  

Its 4 pm – Everyone has now arrived and the first food is ready. Thank goodness, I bet you’re hungry, it’s the burgers and sausages round, not your favourite, but you are hungry. What will you have? did you enjoy that? Well it’s time for another drink, so please get a top up. 

Its 5 pm – The salad bar has now appeared, you know you are hungry and you know it makes sense to visit and fill up on the ‘healthier’ options and it all looks lovely, so what do you select… Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, peppers? Oh the rice salad/pasta salad/coleslaw/potato salad looks divine- just a spoonful of each?? 

You sit down and get through that & it’s time for another drink.

Its 6 pm – We play a few games with the children, and then more food is ready  And you need another drink to wash it down. 

Its 7 pm – The sun is going down you’ve had a lovely day and now I bring out the desserts , you really don’t want one, but you don’t want to be unsociable and it’s a selection that’s been made especially for you! Also you don’t do this very often! 

Its 8 pm – Well it’s been a lovely afternoon; you are offered a coffee or another alcoholic drink, which do you have? 

Its 10 pm – You’ve had a lovely day; you merrily stagger home and dive into bed. As you attempt to fall asleep, you are thinking about all the food & drink you have consumed while you were there……

If everything had got the calories on it in big letters would we chosen more wisely? How could we have done things differently?

BEFORE GOING OUT – Being prepared, it may just be eating very healthily for the early part of day and the remainder of the week.

DRINKS – Could we have chosen differently, but still enjoy ourselves? Is there a drink that you know has a negative effect on your positive attitude? Would it be wiser to avoid it and have an alternative?

FOOD – Be mindful of the amounts and types of food available. Do all Burgers & Sausages come in a bun? It will reduce your calorie intake if you have it without!

ATTITUDE – This has got to be the most important thing to take along – YOU have chosen to eat healthily, YOU want to be in control of your choices, This is YOUR decision. You are not going without, you are not being punished. The choices you do or do not make at this BBQ will NOT affect YOUR CHOICES for the rest of your life. There will always be events/celebrations/occasions that are challenging, but they do not happen everyday, we have more opportunities to make wiser choices than unwise ones so compounding any damage by continuing to punish yourself is not the answer.

ALL DAY EVENTS – Surviving an all day event does take planning, it’s also knowing your own devil, your own pitfalls. Remember having low calorie drinks/mixers makes your choices easier, it also stretches the alcohol intake too, remember alcohol does dehydrate you so it makes sense to top up with plenty of low or zero alternatives.

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IF YOU ARE HAVING YOUR OWN BBQ – There are loads of ways to reduce both the calories and the financial cost with just a little bit of thought and time. For example Use kebab sticks and thread chicken/vegetables on to it, rather than just burgers and sausages.

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Don’t forget the fish – there are so many that will BBQ easily my personal favourite is fresh salmon – just wrap it in foil with some seasoning and lemon juice and throw it on with the burgers and sausages

Works wonderfully with fresh fruit too- strawberries/pineapple/grapes/bananas etc make up a sugar syrup with a bit of lemon juice in a spray bottle and mist before BBQ’ing

And finally remember BBQ’s are about more than the food and the drink they are a social event, a time to laugh and catch up with friends/family and colleagues so make the most of it as we have a lot to catch up on!

BBQ eats and summer treats

If you’re not careful add pounds to your seat

Just be mindful of them and stay in control

And keep your summer journey on a roll


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