Changing Seasons…

As the Season’s change its important to consider how the food we eat also need to change…..

When you think of beautiful long, hot summer days a chilled glass and a salad sounds very appealing. If that’s also what you eat in the winter somehow it doesn’t have the same appeal. The same for a tasty stew on a boiling summer’s day!

The seasonality of fruit and vegetables do lend themselves to each season, harvest festival comes to mind and the variety of choice and how they could be served.

Throughout each season, often depending on when you start your journey, you develop a routine of eating and you get results, it suits both your physical and mental requirements and it’s relatively easy. Then the season shifts and you find yourself looking to the recipes/meals you used to have, but they might not deliver the results you want. It’s time to review and reconsider your choices. You could, of course, rework your recipes to make them healthier, or even search out some new ones, there’s plenty online I usually ask Google if I’m stuck!

Something else to consider is that we all have our favourite season, could that be a factor in the meals we have? Winter may be the least favourite and we’d really like to hibernate like a bear – sadly that’s not an option for most of us, and we also don’t need to increase our food intake in the extremely unlikely event we are forced to hibernate, shops will still be open!

It’s important to keep in mind that each season will bring challenges, all of which can be overcome, staying aware of keeping your meals varied, interesting, colourful and seasonal will help you to stay motivated, fit and healthy.

Within the layers of changing seasons, a new beginning awaits

vijayeta tirkey

One thought on “Changing Seasons…

  1. I tend to change from salad to soup for lunches in the winter but on the whole, I don’t eat just cold food in summer and hot in winter. What I have for dinner isn’t really influenced by the season or the weather. I just hope the food shortage crisis that is dominating the news at the moment doesn’t affect us too badly!

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