BeLEAF is everything!

You now have only 12 weeks left to lose weight for Christmas and your potential healthy weight loss could be anything up to 24 lbs at 2 lb a week

As you know you need to set out your stall for autumn and have all the things around you that will enable you to be successful.

For some of you that means

  • Using your food diary
  • Weighing and measuring accurate portions,
  • Being honest about what you are actually eating,
  • Being more active and being honest about activity
  • Using recipes to stop boredom and be creative
  • Using lower caloried snacks to bridge that gap and be aware of mindless eating

This autumn we are all going to be turning over a new leaf

Why a leaf? Because you have to Be-leaf in yourself!

Be-leaf it or not if you always do what you’ve always done you will always get what you always got so if you are feeling disappointed and not be-leafing what the scales say instead of just giving up and giving in and saying it’s not working turn over a new leaf and stay the course and discover why.

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In fact it’s now time to leaf all those old bad habits behind and discover how to be in control of them rather than them controlling you.

You have to leaf enough time to come to a meeting and stay

Don’t forget you need to plan to leaf time to weigh your portions out, plan your meals and use your food diary.

And it should be a re-leaf to get back in control.

If Pain re-leaf is required after exercise?  Then you have done too much too quickly, exercise is not a magic cure it needs to be started gently and built up – a bit like weight loss, isn’t it amazing how 1 lb a week can add up to nearly 4 stone in a year, in the same vein 1 more step a day can lead to 10,000 steps a day which we all know is what we should be aiming for but don’t forget to wear your activity monitor/app so that you can monitor your progress and see what you still need to do.

If you want some Light re-leaf – there are so many low calorie alternatives to choose from readily available in all supermarkets.

In fact it beggars Be-leaf what you can eat and how much you get when you do it properly.  

Americans call the Autumn season fall.

During the autumn leaves change colour, when the lbs fall off you change as well.  Falling pounds not only affect the size, styles and colours of what you wear but they also affect your confidence and self Be-leaf

So if a change in the weather causes you feel like falling off the wagon, like leaves off a tree what do you need to do?  Just remember to Be-leaf in yourself and make sure you leaf time to come to your meetings

But as the seasons change and the leafs start to fall you could look at the falling leafs as pounds as they fall away till there is no more to go and you reach your goal and become a gold leaf.

Sometimes it’s hard to Be-leaf it was even summer but a change in the season is inevitable but there is never an easy season to lose weight you have to make your mind up that NOW is the time

In the summer the most slender tree, because it’s covered in all the leafs, can look triple its size but as the leafs fall, just like the lbs, the slender branches are revealed,

Inside every overweight person is an inner slimmer person just waiting to be revealed.

But it can sometimes be hard to Be-leaf that you will get to your dream weight. But all it takes is Be-leaf.

I Be-leaf you can succeed…….. so why don’t you!

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