What’s in yours????????

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What do you think is the most popular item of clothing you would like to wear when you get to a weight or shape you’re happy with?

Recently a selection of people were asked what was the key item of clothing they wanted to get into when they were happier with their weight.

29% said their jeans; 22% other such as new underwear; 19% a bikini; 14% a little black dress; 10% their wedding dress; 6% a smaller size. Also highlighted was how many of them also avoided shopping for clothes and were reluctant to shed their old baggy clothes.

Tackling your wardrobe can strengthen your commitment to your weight loss, but also help motivate you to achieve key milestones as you drop a clothes size.

Many of us own at least one item of big clothing that we keep wearing because we have just got comfortable with it? But think about what impact can that have on your journey? Remember when you are comfortable in your clothes the urgency to lose weight diminishes.

There are huge size discrepancies for different shops but if you have got into a size 16 when it used to be a size 20 who gives a monkey whether its from a shop that is more generous in their sizing it IS a size 16

In my experience I have heard so many times how upsetting it can be whilst out shopping for clothes. It has often been the catalyst for coming to in the first place. But actually taking your measurements and evaluating what clothes size you are can help keep you focused on not just the pounds lost but the inches lost too.  Which can help you stay positive which is important when we want success.

Sorting your surroundings is a key strategy and it’s not just about sorting your fridge or your food cupboard but it is also an effective way to manage your wardrobe too.

When was the last time you enjoyed looking good in your clothes? Is that a powerful motivator for you? Let it drive you and keep trying on the clothes you want to be able to wear and notice the difference in the fit as the weeks of successful weight loss happen. A really good motivator is to choose the outfit you most want to wear and hang it on the outside of your wardrobe so you see it every day. Out of sight may mean out of mind and can take away the urgency!

Focusing on a future goal, including how you want to look will help you keep focused week after week.

Everyone talks about willpower, I think “desire” is a better word than willpower, I have the desire to be slim and it’s greater than the desire to eat foods I love.   

Why not choose on one item of clothing that you will remove from your wardrobe this week? Consider the positive impact that will have on your future journey – no looking back, you will NOT wear that size clothing again, if you love it have it altered to fit. By wearing a size that hides your shape you’re also preventing the new you from being seen and therefore stopping those all important compliments!

Sorting your wardrobes and drawers can be a real motivator for weight loss success, pride in your achievements and also motivation for your future journey.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t

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3 thoughts on “What’s in yours????????

  1. I do remember wearing “comfort” clothes a lot before I got to goal. Not wanting to go back to them is good motivation for keeping the weight off.

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  2. I also remember wearing comfort clothes especially during lock down when I then started to wear jeans again that was my last straw it’s so tempting when I open the wardrobe to put on comfy clothes BUT I RESIST ( most of the time )


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